The Lamley Holiday Season has arrived, and we have A LOT to do. Let’s start with the big EARLY BLACK FRIDAY SALE at Wheel Collectors

The holidays are full of Lamley Traditions, and this year will be bigger than ever. Here is the first.

The holiday season marks a lot of things, including big diecast sales: Wheel Collectors’ Real Riders Holiday Sale starts Tuesday.

Alright, here we go. It is that time of year. I'll refrain from mentioning all the traditional elements of the holiday season, and just cut to the chase: Diecast Deals galore are coming. It will be my job to give you the heads up on certain deals, whenever I find out about them, and I …

Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 Q Case

Two cases in a day, and then on to 2020. Crazy, right? P and Q shipped together. Here is Q, thanks to our friends at Wheel Collectors. Videos, showcases, and more all coming. (Hot Wheels 2019 Q Case at Wheel Collectors)

More Hot Wheels N Case surprises. Wheel Collectors got the Walmart N Zamac Case as well.

Call this a fun mixup. As Wheel Collectors was plowing through the pallet of N Cases Mattel sent, one at the bottom looked a little different. The code suggested a US Case, and even more so, a Zamac Case. For a pallet that already produced the highly-anticipated Bugatti Chiron, as well as a surprising group …

Hot Wheels N Case has the Bugatti Chiron, and apparently some Supers from the M Case. Oh, and we are doing a giveaway.

So by now you have probably figured out what I do once a new Hot Wheels Basic case is released. It starts with a message from my friends at Wheel Collectors, telling me they have it. Then things kick in. Matt & Matt pick a couple of cases off the pallet at random, open one …