1/64, Tomica Limited Vintage

Collection Update: A TLV, a Chinese oddity and a Soviet saloon.

The mail call is a bit more of a rarity these days in my household. Bills, mortgage, food. Day to day life means the diecast collecting (especially for the more expensive brands) is sporadic at the very best. But sometimes I have a little bit left over to treat myself and given Tomica just released one of my favourite Kei trucks of all time, I decided now was a good time.

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Tomica Limited Vintage

How does your wallet look? It’s going to look a little thinner after you see the Tomica Limited Vintage Yokohama Tire Shop Tomicarama coming out in 2020.

Just order it now. Tell your significant other this is your Christmas present. Or your Ides of March present. Whatever. If you are a diecast nerd you will want it. Tomica Limited Vintage recently announced two more Tomicaramas for 2020, including a completely new set. That is the Tire Shop, and it debuts in a […]

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