Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 E Case

Not much to write, just photos to show. Here is the 2020 Hot Wheels E Case Report. Photos as always by Wheel Collectors, who got their E Case shipment, along with Team Transport, Doorslammers and Matchbox all yesterday.

The video and photos are below, and I will do my own unboxing and highlight features soon.

Thanks to Matt & Matt, and find these models in their ebay store.

If you remember, I already featured the Silvia from SEMA:

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  1. There’s a lot to like in this one. Hits for me are:
    Audi RS5
    Bugatti Chiron
    Range Rover Velar
    Nissan Silvia
    Honda Civic Type R
    Porsche 918 Spyder
    Tesla Model 3
    Mazda REPU
    Gulf ’65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback

    It’s a great batch in all but where the hell is D case? This batch should’ve hit retailers in December but there’s absolutely no sign of it anywhere. Every store either wiped clean, old stock Q case & A case, or just stuck on the C case. Literally the distribution gets worse and worse every year. I keep saying it over and over again. To me it gets harder and harder to find new batches nowadays. I don’t know what the hell is going on!

    1. Where are you at? I just found D case cars at Target the other day, including the black Chiron. It was a New Year’s Miracle, because that store is usually hit every morning.


      1. I have to correct myself. They’re C case. I assumed they were D because the Mustang, the Aston, the Bugatti were all there…I didn’t think they’d be stretched out over three cases.


  2. My thoughts on this case mirror Connor’s. Great case, chock full of nice cars. My list is the same, but add Aston Martin Vulcan, Alpine A110, Honda CRX, ‘18 Mustang GT. The Tesla Model 3 is OK, nice and clean paint and the Custom Integra is interesting, so I’ll pick those up as well.

    I wasn’t as crazy about these 2nd release paint schemes on the Vulcan and 110 as their debut colors, but I’ve done a little research and both are influenced by real-life paint jobs on these cars, so that increases my appreciation.

    Yes, it does feel like ages since I had a significant store haul. Ive mostly just been finding scraps. Leftovers from Q are mostly what I’m seeing and some scraps from A and B. Still searching for C and D to hit in significant quantities.

    And man, case E is gonna be great when it hits! Hoarders and scalpers, please leave some for us regular guys!

  3. I’m diggin’ the black Type R and the Velar. Some other great stuff in here too, but I’m having the same problems as everyone else as far as distribution is concerned. It’s all either old stuff, or bits and pieces of newer stuff with the better models gone already. It almost seems like the hoarders and scalpers have intensified their shitty behavior lately. Either that or the stores are just not doing as good a job at restocking. It’s very frustrating. Used to be that I could count on one big haul every month or so, but now I’m grabbing one, two, three models at a time whenever I can scrounge them up.

  4. I’ll echo others comments that there are some great looking cars and also say that the chance of me seeing anything on pegs is slim. whether it’s hoarders/scalpers or just crap distribution I don’t know but i do know i don’t watch the videos very often now after being a fanatic for almost a year. No point in getting excited about stuff I’ll only be able to get off of ebay and inflated prices that i won’t pay .

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