Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 G Case

Time for the G Case. I will cut to the chase and just show you the pics (and the video if you are so inclined). I will do my own unboxing and showcase video soon, after my video vacation ends.

For now, here is what to look for in the G Case. Note the GT-R in white has a Super counterpart in blue, the first time the Super is a completely different color and not a spectraflame version of the basic color.

As always, these photos were provided by Wheel Collectors. The models are available now in their store.

Alright, on with it:

3 Replies to “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 G Case”

  1. It doesn’t matter in any real sense since I’ll never find one, but it’s nice that the Super is a different color from the regular version. I always thought the “Spectraflame” white was a waste as you can barely tell the difference. Same with black, though to a lesser extent. There are some ok things in this case, but nothing that really gets my pulse racing. The two Porsche recolors are nice, and I’ll continue to gobble up any version of the cheeky City Turbo they care to release.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the contents of the U.S. case. These international cases are always a little odd, with some castings only being included once. In this case I only count one each of the Carrera, 944, Skyline, City, Monkey, COPO Camaro, Greenwood Corvette, Hudson and Maverick. At least there are 2 of the Impreza and RX-7. I’m also seeing non-licensed models being included nearly 2:1 vs. licensed models.

    My favorites are the 2 Porsches, has the Skyline, Impreza and orange RX-7. I’ll also gab the Land Rover, Greenwood Corvette and likely the Honda City and Batmobile. I’m on the fence with the FD RX-7. Love the casting and color, just not this deco.

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