Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 K Case

For those of you who like your case broken up in photos, here they are. As always, our friends at Wheel Collectors grabbed a case off the pallet, snagged a camera, and snapped away.

But keep in mind they grabbed a different case for the short unboxing video they shot as well. And the contents did have a fair amount of differences. So I am posting the video again first. Compare it with the photos.

And you can always find the models available at Wheel Collectors.

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  1. Wow all of those new K Case cars coming out are all awesome. 👍I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  2. Musts for me:
    Nissan 300zx – Hope i can actually find this one in stores
    Dodge Demon
    Mercedes AMG GT3 – LOVE this color!
    ’68 Copo Camaro
    Muscle Bound – Love the new color

    Is the Demon the Super Treasure hunt for this case?

  3. New case reports are always exciting, but I can’t help but feel a bit anxious about K case being released when I’m still hunting for much of F, G, H and J cases.

    Anyway, on to K. Wow! I think this may win the award for dullest case of the year. Sure there are a few J case repeats that are cool, but the only thing new and noteworthy is the Miata and a recolor of the 300Z. So, back to searching for the rest of F…

    1. Same problem here…cases piling up that I’ve yet to find, with more coming out all the time. Where are they?

      1. Mattel’s distribution is awful, especially on the east coast. I missed out on Car Culture Open Track due to how bad it is and I don’t think I’ve seen anything new from the mainline since the F case. It’s getting frustrating.

  4. OK, so I had skipped the video in favor of the photo report. Nice to see the NSX and Land Rover show up in that other K case. I’ll be looking for those two for sure.

  5. I have the same problem with this case that I have with several of the other recent ones…not enough nice, clean decos, too many loud and busy ones. I know, I know, it’s what catches the kids’ eyes, but more releases like the Tesla Model 3 and 300ZX would be nice. Especially considering it’s increasingly hard to get my clean-deco fix from Matchbox, with how bad orange distribution is these days.

    That said, there are still some nice models in here.

  6. Wins for me:
    Dodge Demon – the Super is badass!
    ’64 Chevy Nova Gasser – obvious choice
    Nissan 300ZX recolor – It looks it might pop better in this color
    Mazda Miata – If only it was a stock one but this version is okay
    ’32 Ford recolor – I’m diggin’ the gold (I guess I’m a gold digger, drumbeat)
    ’55 Chevy Nomad – not a fan of the retooling but I love the distressed deco on it!

    I was fortunate to find the J case cars a few days ago along with the previous batches every month so far. I say this in regards to the distribution complaints in the above comments. The store that’s helping me out is Publix. They’re the store to go to for new mainlines. Sometimes they’ll have drought phases but for the most part they come through with new batches.

  7. And the E case which had the 2 white 300zx’s in it did not even seem to show up in my area. The good stuff in the F case went so quick I didn’t even know what hit me. Same with G and now it seems H.

    Is it me or is it harder to land mainlines than it is Car Culture or other premium store releases?

    1. Since you mention it, it actually has been harder for me personally to score mainline releases than premium. I’ve had no trouble staying up to date on Car Culture for the most part (still haven’t found the Skyline from the Silhouettes batch, but that’s not surprising) but mainlines have basically become the new premiums for me.

      1. I missed out on Open Track, but I managed to find every car in Silhouettes. Replica Entertainment and Pop Culture has the same sort of situation. I haven’t had any luck with the mainline though. Like I’ve said in a previous comment here, I haven’t seen anything beyond the F case. It’s strange that it’s what is supposed to be the more common line that’s having the most trouble with distribution and not the premium lines.

      2. Car Culture is always a challenge for me. Walmart is the worst for these. They go months with nothing but empty pegs and then if they get a particular wave it will be 1 case at the most. You have to be extremely lucky to be there when they hit or you’ll miss them and not even know they ever showed up.

        Target is also sporadic, but when they do get them in, it is typically more than a case. That or they’ll restock in the following weeks. You still have to be on it to catch the hottest cars in the batch, but you’ll see a few models hang for weeks. I found all of Open Track, except the Skyline, at Target. And had multiple opportunities to get them. Fortunately a friend in the Midwest found and grabbed a Skyline for me. Target has also been a bit better about Team Transport. Those first couple of waves were very scarce, but things are slowly improving. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Team Transport hanging from the pegs at a Walmart.

        I’ve only seen Silhouettes once. This time it was at Walmart, but they only had the PPG Porsche and the Corvette. I snagged the Porsche, my favorite of the batch, and left the Corvettes. Still hoping to find the Skyline and RWB Porsche.

        I was worried about Replica Entertainment as the Dr. Strange Huracan and Project Cars NSX were hard to come by in the latest wave, but in the past few weeks they seem to be turning up everywhere.

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