Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 P Case

This happens. 2019 is coming to a close in the Hot Wheels basic world, and Mattel just dropped the last two cases simultaneously.

That meant an all-nighter for our friends at Wheel Collectors, sorting through two cases and getting them listed. Yet they still care about the Lamley Readers, and photographed the case contents of both cases. Here is P, and I will post Q shortly. Videos coming too.

As always, here is a P Case picked randomly off the pallet that Mattel sent. Enjoy:

(Hot Wheels 2019 P Case at Wheel Collectors)

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  1. Seems like loads of fantasy scrolling through the pictures. However, the ones I’ll definitely pick up are the Range Rover Velar and Alpine A110. The Velar is one of those “should’ve been a Matchbox” castings. It’s so odd to me they would make a bone stock luxury crossover with front and rear detailing which is Matchbox’s territory. They made the Range Rover Supercharged in the Superfast line so it would make sense for them to make its smaller successor, the Velar. But whatever brand it’s from, it looks gorgeous! I’ll also pick up the recolors of the ’65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback and Tesla Model 3.

  2. Yikes. The upper deck of that case is grim…tons of generics. The Alpine and the Range Rover are the obvious standouts (and not just because they’re the new castings) so those are must-haves. I was lucky enough to grab all the models that are carry-overs from the previous case, so I’ve got a head start.

  3. A pretty solid case in my opinion. Plenty to love here and to hunt for. Of course the Bugatti, but also the huge surprise (to me) when it was announced, the Range Rover Velar. This thing is gorgeous! Giving the Bugatti a run for its money is the Aston Martin Vulcan. Love this car! And I’m so glad they decided to debut it in this green to closely mimic the show car. The Alpine is also one that’s been on my wish list for Hot Wheels to make. As I mentioned with the last case, the Senna recolor in orange is not as appealing to me as I would have hoped. I’m keeping my fingrers crossed for a few more clean recolors with something that really hits the mark. Rounding out the hot new metal is the beautiful Audi RS5 Coupe.

    Another surprise for me is how great that Focus RS looks in gloss gray. Will definitely be hunting for that one along with the recolor of the Civic. I also like the recolored Gulf Mustang and Panamera Polizei. I’m not as crazy over the maroon Tesla Model 3 as the debut white, but may grab it anyway. The RX-7 may be a bold choice, but I love it! The Tesla Model S in this deep blue is just classy.

  4. A Hot Wheels called Hot Wheels–what the heck?

    I gotta admit–HW is doing a just as good job at realism, and is actually releasing some better cars than MBX these days; even from someone who is (outside of emergency vehicles and farm/construction machinery) a truck/SUV collector. Currently, I feel that marketing for the MBX team now is just going to make a mess.

    For me, my list is as follows.

    Range Rover Velar–looks like something more in Matchbox’s domain. Very well done.
    ’56 Ford Truck
    Bugatti Chiron
    Audi RS-6.

    As far as generics go:
    Surf N’ Turf. To tell the truth, I really like this casting. Reminds me of a Muscle Machine.
    Runway Res-Q. A fairly realistic ARFF-type truck. This model has been out since a batch in July–haven’t seen it here yet.
    Mach Speeder–decent LMP type car.

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