Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 Q Case

Two cases in a day, and then on to 2020. Crazy, right?

P and Q shipped together. Here is Q, thanks to our friends at Wheel Collectors. Videos, showcases, and more all coming.

(Hot Wheels 2019 Q Case at Wheel Collectors)


11 thoughts on “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 Q Case

  1. Could you perhaps do a compare video between the Alpine A110 from Majorette and the one from Hot Wheels. Considering buying the HW one if it stands up next to the Majorette, which I have already.

  2. Yet again, just like P case, tons of fantasy more than real cars. It’s hard to pick which ones I want to get because they all seem like fantasy cars scrolling through the pictures. From what I can see, I’ll take the Lamborghini Reventon Roadster & Hurucan, Jaguar XE SV Project 8 & XJ220, and the recolor Mazda Miata. Also, on top of all the fantasy in this batch, there’s fantasy carryovers from the P case so it’s just an over-saturation of fantasy cars! Mattel, cool it! More real cars please!

  3. This case might just edge out the P case, but honestly both have tons of fantasy vehicles, as Connor mentioned. That said, the Jag and the Vulcan take the cake for me, and the presence of some carry-overs from P case of the Alpine and Range Rover SHOULD ensure I’m able to find them one way or another. The exciting stuff is kind of scatter-shot, but it’s definitely there.

  4. Very weak case. Apart from the jags, cougar, Vulcan, the rest area just pegwarmers. Thought Mattel had learned something but now, but noooo…

  5. Not a great case by my reckoning. Sure, there are a few gems in here; Vulcan, Project 8, Velar, Alpine, Miata, but by far more junk than goodies. I know many are voicing concern over so many fantasy models, but by my count there are actually more licensed castings. I believe what the problem is is that so many of those licensed castings in this case are covered in crazy “fantasy” decos rather than in clean stock or mildly tuned form, that they quickly loose their appeal to the more discerning collector (read “adult”). Maybe it’s time we redefine what constitutes a fantasy model?

  6. Licensed to fantasy. 38-34. Roughly. Licensed worth buying with relatively realistic decos/wheels. About 19 (if case has two I count them both). Another random thought. I really dislike the wheels on the Porsche and the lambo. Unrealistic looking. Ruin otherwise clean realistic cars.

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