The Lamley Holiday Season has arrived, and we have A LOT to do. Let’s start with the big EARLY BLACK FRIDAY SALE at Wheel Collectors

When I saw it is going to be busy for Lamley folk this holiday season, I really mean it. I have deliberately taken it a bit easy this fall, knowing that my busiest end-of-the-year yet is looming. It’s time to get it on.

I’ll drop all the details and dates soon, but a smattering fo what to look forward to:

  1. Four weeks of Lamley Awards polls and BRAND NEW Instagram tournaments, bringing in more categories and brands, as well as a year-end Royal Rumble Tournament putting all kinds of 2021 favorites against each other.
  2. The very first Lamley #diecastdonationday, scheduled for Saturday, December 4th, where the Lamley Community is invited to donate to local hospitals, shelters, charities, etc, and there will even be prizes (for you).
  3. Lamley Partner Year-End Sales, including the highly anticipated Japan Booster Tomica Limited Vintage Damaged Box Sale, and Wheel Collectors’ Black Friday Sale.

It’s that last bit we will focus on today. Every year after Thanksgiving, Wheel Collectors puts a huge chunk of their massive inventory up at super discounted prices, everything from current releases to recent and vintage classics. Things like Hot Wheels Boulevard models new and old, hard-to-find Car Culture, and many other things. Those of you who in years past have copped Boulevard Datsun Wagons and Porsche 993’s, or Vintage Racing, or Golden Age Matchbox all know what I’m talking about.

The difference this year? They are starting the sale A WEEK EARLY. They have a lot to sell, and probably want to have at least a few minutes to eat turkey with the fam, so they decided to get a head start on the sale. So you need to be ready.

The details: Almost ALL of the store inventory will be on sale, from 5% to 50% off. The first items will drop at 8am Central Time on Friday, November 19th. Some of the inventory will be quite selective, meaning only one or two available, so you will want to be ready. New items will drop regularly throughout the weekend, so keep checking back. If you aren’t available when the sale starts, you might be lucky later. Things will be dropping all the time.

You just need a link. Here it is: Wheel Collectors eBay Store

I’ll drop notifications on Instagram and Facebook when the sale starts and items drop.

The folks have been in the warehouse all week, prepping the inventory. They sent over a few pics. You’ll want to be ready:

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