Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 L Case

After this, four cases left. Lots of Case Reports (International & US), but only four assortments.

This one is really nice. Mid-year it seemed there were lots of New Model recolors, but this one is full of all kinds of new stuff.

As always, our friends at Wheel Collectors grabbed a case at random, and opened it 3-by-3. They also did a video. Look for the Regular TH (it’s a hauler) early, but no Super. The Street Creeper is the Super, but only its basic counterpart in this case.

Pick what you will pursue, and like always you can find these in the Wheel Collectors eBay store.

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  1. Wow all of those new L Case cars coming out are all awesome. 👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍If my stores ever get these in because I’m still looking for some J Case cars and I’m still looking for K Case cars. So why L cases out already and I’m still waiting for J case cars and K case cars and now I’m gonna have to start looking for L Case cars.

  2. Still waiting for Walmart to catch up with the latest and that goes for J cars too! Target has been steadily racking’em out, but Walmart has been LOUSY!

  3. What the hell is up with all the fantasy cars? Literally every picture I scrolled through was nothing but fantasy cars and very few real cars. I understand Hot Wheels is and always will be a kids brand first but this is getting out of hand! They seriously need to tone it down on fantasy and focus more on realism. Kids love real cars just as much as fantasy, if not more. Either limit the count per case or replace most of them with real cars.

    Here’s an example. When I was my work yesterday, a little boy was sitting in a cart at checkout and had a Hot Wheels car in his hand. What was that Hot Wheels car? The Honda Civic Type R, not a Speed Spider or Skull Crusher or some stupid shit like that!

    1. That’s why we’re collecting a LOT more 2019 Matchbox cars than Hot Wheels, MBX also has a much better selection of American cars. We don’t collect many foreign aside from Jaguars & VWs.

      1. “That’s why we’re collecting matchbox ” ¡!! More American!!!…. As long as you lot are happy!! From ENGLAND ,where NO matchbox can be purchased!!!… Millions of #@#@# Hotwheels everywhere and not selling for the same reasons…. We can’t relate to some of the crap which pegwarms and overprice everywhere to your 1 dollar. ….👍😁 …. Hello from the ROW✋….our matchbox has some what been alienated from most of the world…… Enjoy…..4u… Now…!

    2. over 40 real cars that have either been made, sold or used in TV/Film, is not a bad tally for a box full, you can not expect them to come out with 200+ real licenced cars, it would be financial suicide for the company, hence why they are making a lot of cars that are generic, but getting more real. – NO ISSUES HERE

    3. While I hear your complaint and would also love to see it skew more heavily on the side of licensed models, by my count this case is pretty evenly split half & half between realistic and fantasy. Case after case, the ratio is typically an even mix. Maybe you’re wanting to see more clean decos without the crazy graphics, which is a separate argument. Anyway, like Jon says below, at a buck a car, I’m not sure it’s financially feasible for Mattel to do mostly licensed models with little to no fantasy cars. They need the fantasy stuff to balance out all the licensing fees they pay on the realistic models.

  4. The Fast Bed Hauler works well with the Matchbox Flat Bed King. It shares the same basic rear bed design. I like the style of the Fast Bed Hauler as well even though it is fantasy design.

  5. The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo is the best model here. Fight me.

    Not a bad case. Lots of fantasy cars, yes, but I agree with Jon Mower…doesn’t bother me. There’s enough new stuff and decent recolors here to keep me happy. The NSX is a nice surprise…I expected Hot Wheels to be done doing clean decos on that one, so it’s nice to see another solid color. The aforementioned Porsche, along with the Centenario, Audi Quattro and Land Rover Pickup are the most exciting ones for me.

  6. Dude, this is actually a very good case! I’m impressed! Quattro, 32 Ford, Nomad, Nissan (May get an extra and give it to my cousin as he had one in the 90’s), Gasser, Bone Shaker, Escort, even the Dodger 2.0 is kinda cool!

    Naturally the BMW M2 will be popular too though I’m not a big Euro fan and the Lambo will probably be sought after eventually. I sell a lot of loose cars frequently in large numbers online and have really noticed a steady common factor. Even if a car may not be a “New Model” or First Edition, as long as it is realistic (colors, factory tampo stripes, not goofy stuff) they tend to become desirable. Maybe not crazy valuable like the Veyron but desirable nonetheless. I found the 90’s and early 2000’s Ferrari’s, Saleens, Muscle cars, etc are very popular and people like them. However, stick a goofy money bar or circuit board tampo and no one will remember them and have no interest touching them. I also think this is why Matchbox is much more popular now days compared to the last couple decades. If Mattel continues to produce realistic cars with decent accuracy I think that will certainly help please the enthusiast and collector community.

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