Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 F Case

Here is your Hot Wheels 2020 F Case Report. International of course, and as always the photos were provided by Wheel Collectors, who have the models available in their store.

I’ll have highlight videos and my own unboxing soon. For now, here it all is in video and photo from for your reference. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow, this one actually has about 10 or so I like. Love the color and wheel combo on the Subie is great. That poor Indycar though! :0

  2. Similar to Cody- about 8 or 9 that’ll be joining my collection. Plenty to love for the preschoolers in this batch too. Love the recolor on the Subaru

    1. LOLOL “Plenty on of love for the Preschoolers” Haha so true John!

      I really wonder why they make so much goofy stuff. I mean, even I remember when I was super little I liked Purple Passion (Still do lol) because it reminded me of Dad’s old Riviera. At a really young age my favorites we almost all legit cars or hot rods. Some quirky stuff is neat but the ratio seems off. Every time kids are around the Hot Wheels when I am (yes very embarrassing to be 29 and looking at toys with with a 5-year old next to you) they always seem to be after race cars “Ooo Corvette, Mustang” etc. Then here comes the even older adult and he asks “Any Datuns?” LOL It’s fun all the same and most all folks are good sports. That all being said, seems there might be a little more love for the legit cars hopefully in the future. After all they have a ton of content still yet to be covered.

      Happy Collecting!

  3. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but the ratio of licensed to fantasy vehicles seems to be creeping downwards lately…this is chock-full of crap for the most part….

    1. It does seem like more fantasy vs. licensed cars this year, or maybe it’s just that a lot of the licensed cars in each case are ones we’ve seen over and over again….and we are ignoring them.

  4. What’s up with these cases lately? They seem to be so scrambled. Doesn’t a typical case generally have 2 of each casting? So many in this case are just 1 of each; Silvia, Impreza, both old & newer RX-7s, gold Batmobile, Porsche 918, COPO Camaro, ‘05 Mustang, Dream Mobile, Ford F1. It’s like the last case off the production line, where they just stuffed it with whatever was left lying around.

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