Case Report: Matchbox 2019 R Case (Final Case of the Year)

Ok I think the final mix of Matchbox 2019 makes more sense now.

Matchbox sent me a case of the final mix of 2019 – Case R – a couple of weeks ago. It had most of the final models of 2019, with a few exceptions. It did have the Target Exclusives though.

But this was a bit of a makeshift case. The Matchbox Team wanted me to preview the upcoming stuff, so they sent this case. Wheel Collectors, however, just got their shipment of Matchbox R Cases, sans the Target models, and now we see what you can expect.

So here they are, the 2019 R Case Models, hitting stores now. Remember this mix will be in stores for about two months, after which the first case of 2020 will appear. That preview is coming.

Here they are, pulled 3-by-3. And you can find the models at Wheel Collectors as well.

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  1. TWO REPEATS?! Where I live, both the F-350 Skyjacker and Drill Digger were bad pegwarmers when they were first out. And to add insult to injury–there are TWO EACH of them. As of late; the newest thing I’ve found; at my local Dollar General is the case with the mint green Mercedes wagon and the Nissan Titan.

    But still, not that bad of a case.

  2. Man, the Subaru SVX really looks like a thing of beauty, I can’t wait to have that one in hand. I’m so glad to see they made the effort of wrapping the tail lights around the sides, this is one of those signature details of the real car that needed to transition to the die cast version, and they made sure to do it, so kudos to MBX.

    John, it’d be neat to see a kind of “up to date” feature on all the INC-liveried vehicles. Aside from the awesome mint green “National Parks” livery, this is one of funnest liveries to collect, and has been quite prolific lately. I know I have a veritable army of INC vehicles but I know it’s still not complete by any means. Not sure if you personally collect them consistently or not, but it’d be cool to see them all together.

  3. After what looked like the remains of MB wave 7 then weeks with empty shelves, a Tesco store here just put out a bunch of 2020 short cards including the possible future pegwarmer bananamobile. Either we are privileged with an early release – or maybe we’ll never see anything later than wave 7 for 2019. Who can say?!

    1. It does make you wonder why and how the UK is now so far ahead of everybody else with this unexpected 2020 assortment. Its a temporary great feeling but like you say, does it mean we have to accept that Tesco have completely missed out on the last two cases of 2019 and if we are so far in front when will the next new ones arrive?
      I’m hoping that at least this batch will come here even if its probably now too late to see Case Q πŸ™

      1. Well Happy Holidays!!!… Β£4.50 for 5packs….Β£1.10 for singles….. Β£7.20…for 9packs…… What on earth is going on?!?!πŸ‘πŸ˜‹… The next batch my local Tesco is putting out is on Monday…,.. Same batch again?!?!?…. I thought the Christmas 5pack was USA only….. Well that ain’t written!….

  4. AMC whaaaaat!!! Have Tesco reduced their prices even further? They were excellent value already especially compared to when ASDA were selling them. For your store to get a second case in within the space of one week rather than every two months is very encouraging indeed!! With Case B not due until at least January its hoped maybe we might see 2019 Case R or maybe even P after all!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    1. No, the prices are the same right across the Tesco stores, I have asked the question, and they say that the prices will remain as is for “now”, but if they keep selling out like the first batch, then expect prices to increase, but Β£5 for 5 pack, Β£1.25 for singles and Β£8 for 9 packs are the right and correct pricing.

    2. Hope and see and tell….TBC… My local have been great with dates. Sooooo??…???? πŸ‘πŸ˜€…. What a bargains sale.and why?!?!..…someone is looking and listeningπŸ˜‰

  5. Why has my Tesco doing it?……. May be different time zones?….. My branch seem to have been the last to put anything out in whole country….. That’s very strange indeed. Yep Β£1.10 singles… Β£4.50..5packs…..9packs….Β£7.20…….I ain’t gonna tell porkies Jon!!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜€…. Maybe your area tmw?????

    1. They have all now reduced their prices to Β£1.10 each etc in the last 24 hrs. Like Jon says though I bet Tesco will soon raise the prices if they think Matchbox is going to be a huge success.

  6. That is great news… And sorry Jon I completely mis read that message. Hope all goes well to get and receive what you all intend. I didn’t expect toooo much too soon!….. Wow. Someone at Tesco/Mattel has listened and took note. So what next the poopking?!…..let’s hope for a mass returning of this iconic brand. What great prices and products for all so far.

  7. Is the Ford F350 Police Pick up a new version of the one that came out a while back from MBX or the same casting?

  8. I still have yet to find a mainline black BMW i8. (although I did find the premium blue opening-door version)

    If SVX goes the same way, I am going to be quite angry… I had a real SVX that I had to sell to pay bills, I miss it, and I want several of the diecast version for my collection, and one for my desk.

    The blue on the Austin Healey is gorgeous as well. The Beetle looks quite out of scale to be that big.

    Maybe a slingshot just for novelty value, but I would much rather see something like Hot Wheels Tri & Stop Me replicate the new Can-Am Ryker.

    All the rest of these matchbox are uninteresting… so I am sure I’ll see those hanging on the pegs…

  9. Hi boxerfanatic. I can see if the walmart i bought my Subaru from has one left tomorrow. I can mail it out to you. All i ask is a trade for something in return. E mail me directly to see how the hunt goes.


    1. I found 2 more of the Subaru svx casting today. If you are interested please feel free to contact me through my home built recumbent web site. It is called Steve Robson recumbent home built bikes. My email is there. All I ask is for some form of trade rather money. I can send off a list of what I have to give you an idea of of what I have.

      Steve Robson

  10. I’m so confused by Matchbox’s case/wave designations. For some reason I had all of these models marked as part of ‘P’ case.

    A so-so case. I mean very little fantasy junk, but not much of what I collect. The SVX is easily the star for me and I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I found 2 on the pegs at my local Walmart the other day. The Austin Healey also looks really nice and I hope to find one before this wave goes away. The Beetle is nice enough as a stand alone, but as BoxerFanatic mentions, it is tad oversized when compared with the others.

  11. Today I found an error card on the pegs at the walmart i go to. The art work shows the 1957 gmc pickup while the packaged car is the retooled ford explorer. Anyone interested in it please let me know. It is an interesting find.

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