Hot Wheels Satin & Chrome is now available at Wheel Collectors

It has arrived! Hot Wheels’ follow up to last year’s 50th Black & Gold set, called Satin & Chrome, is here and Wheel Collectors has it:

Hot Wheels Satin & Chrome at Wheel Collectors

The set is very similar to last year’s group, with cool card art and a mix of signature and unique castings. The Datsun 510 will obviously be a popular one, as will the Chase Gotta Go, a most unique choice.

I will be featuring these soon, but grab a set now if you’d like. They should be in stores soon as well, although I am not sure which stores will get them.

5 Replies to “Hot Wheels Satin & Chrome is now available at Wheel Collectors”

  1. Like the older, black and gold series; it’s kinda garish. But, I found the former series at a local grocery chain last year, and bought one of everything (they had more than enough to complete a whole set; possibly enough for 2-3 sets), so I bought a whole set. Aristo Rat is really the only ugly one in there. I even like Gotta Go.

  2. Wow those new satin and chrome cars coming out are all awesome. 👍 I will be on the hunt for all 7 of those and I can’t wait to add all 7 of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  3. ::Sigh:: Another cool 510 Wagon version I’ll never be able to find.

    The black and gold set weren’t really my cup of tea, but these actually look kinda cool. I’d probably go for all except the Aristo Rat, the Gotta Go and the Superbird (that casting has never looked right to me). But as I mentioned above, I imagine the Datsun will be so hard to find as to be nonexistent.

    1. ben, i found 2 at game stop which i need but i have a buddy that has more so if you need one, i can get him to send me one and i can send it to you.

  4. These are all pretty much “meh” to me. I’m usually down for a good Datsun 510 Wagon, but think I’ll have to pass here.

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