Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 K Case

Let’s get to it. Hot Wheels 2020 K Case. Whenever I put up a Case Report someone will say “our stores are just on ___ case”. Fine. Hobby gets these first most of the time, so here is your chance to get them early. “But they are far more expensive from hobby than at Walmart.” Fine. Don’t buy them. Just wait until they get to the store. “But I am staying home because of Covid-19.” Perfect. You shouldn’t go out unless you have to, and Hot Wheels are not essential. So buy what you want from the hobby dealers. They do charge more, mainly because of the 72 models in the case, there are only a few they can sell to cover their costs. So support them. Let them ship what you want to you.

And Wheel Collectors is a good option. K Case is in, they photographed the contents of one of the cases off their pallet, and now you can see what you want to buy. Buy it now, or wait, but be safe. These will be in your hands eventually.

If you want them now, go to the Wheel Collectors Store.

At any rate, here is what you can find in the case:

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  1. Not a bad case at all! Croc Rod and Veloci-Raptor are horrible, same with Beat-All. This issue of Bone Shaker looks like a drop-out from a “For Little Kids Line”. The inclusion of the Tokyo Olympics models is pretty interesting. Thought that got postponed until next year or something? Guess a “Too late, already baked” situation; given while May is the release date, these typically wouldn’t hit stores in my area until mid-June, meaning prime time for the Olympics.

  2. But why didn’t you tell me how I can get them? LOL keep up the good work sir and stay safe. Toyota 2000GT! So stoked on that

  3. Picked up the 64 Nova Gasser – it is gorgeous. Really nicely done. Like the Bel-Air and Erikenstein Rod too.

  4. the COVID situation is a massive bummer all around. I just got called back to my job after being temporarily laid off for about a month and a half, and obviously plenty of other people are still jobless and will be for the foreseeable future, so I feel a little trivial and guilty for expressing what I’m about to say, but….
    I REALLY miss hunting diecast in person. It was a simple joy that has become on of the countless casualties of this screwed up situation. I also do a little bit of internal screaming every time I see another case report because I know it’s another case that will probably come and go without my being able to get what I want from them. I’m happy that some people feel able/comfortable ordering these from hobby dealers, but for some of us, the financial outlay (which may not seem substantial to some) is a major roadblock. For me it’s just a matter of accepting that there are some really great models that will just have to be holes in my collection going forward. Really sucks.

    1. im glad someone else said it; im dying to get back out in the stores and hunt for cars again. im able to go out once a week for essentials, but none of my stores have anything new. theres new cars on ebay already but excessively priced.

      1. I’m sure these cases, as well as a few more to come, were already manufactured and shipped prior to this virus spreading to become the pandemic it has. So these cars are already in the supply chain and will end up somewhere, if not at your store today, then surely somewhere in the weeks to months to come. It will be interesting however to see what happens to the planned later waves of the year. With so many out of work and an inevitable slump in the economy, will stores be ordering in the same quantities? Will collectors and families with kids still have the discretionary income to spend? Hunting at stores may be impacted for a while to come. We may find we need to shift to online and hobby sources… if we can afford it.

  5. Yeah, I visited the link provided just to see what the prices are (not to buy anything) and many of the models I would get are in the $7-9 range. I just can’t justify it. MAYBE if the models I wanted were around the $3 mark I could convince myself to pick four or five of my favorites and do it, but it just doesn’t make sense at these prices. I don’t necessarily feel comfortable knocking the seller either though, I realize that there are only so many models in each case that they can actually make money on, so I get it. Supply and demand and all that. It’s still disappointing though.
    I also casually check the toy section when I need to go to the store for essentials (which isn’t often — the wife does most of those trips since she’s working from home at the moment) but there’s never anything new, and I subconsciously feel like a freak perusing the toy aisles during times like these.

  6. But my store is only on C case! LOL! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I actually saw that H case had hit here on my last trip for groceries.

    So… K case… Loaded! Look at all those great cars! I’m all about the Euro and Japanese models, so there are quite a few of these that hit my sweet spot; Audi R8 and RS5, Jaguar Project 8, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and Centenario, Mercedes A-Class, BMW M4, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Range Rover Velar, Honda Prelude and Civic Type R, Acura NSX and Integra, Nissan 300ZX Police, Datsun 620 and Toyota 2000 GT. Even the Mustang GT and Formula E are cool. Good stuff!

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