Finally Bugatti! Here is the final Matchbox mix of 2020

Wheel Collectors just got the latest batch of Matchbox Power Grabs, the box-only packaging you see in several stores like US Krogers. It arrived before the standard carded release, so it serves as our first look of the final mix of 2020.

Bugatti. C8. That is what will matter to most collectors, but the mix is loaded. The Bugatti Divo might be the most anticipated Matchbox release in years, and now it is available. Here are the pics, for your quick reference. Unboxings and other coverage will come soon.

Find these models at the Wheel Collectors Store.

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  1. No offense to the Bugatti and Corvette but, how good is that Porsche 996!!! Back from the dead!! When did we last see it, like 6-7 years ago? I am sooo happy to see that one. And I see it’s been retooled as well now with mirrors, so even better. (But I wish they’d completely redo it as a hardtop bc 1:64 convertibles in general don’t work that well.. but I guess that’s asking too much). Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting that one.

  2. I’ve just had a thought. Why don’t Matchbox create an alternate tool for the 996 as a hardtop? (Like they are doing with the upcoming Cadillac convertible) (they’ve been doing these alternate castings a lot recently, and a few were even unnecessary tbh, but this is one that would be really cool). The 996 Cabriolet was available with an optional hardtop from the factory. I think this would make for an interesting (and better looking) variation, if somehow they make it work.

  3. I know it’s probably just me, but that Bugatti and Corvette look almost identical except for the colors. The Porsche 996 does look very nice, as Blackwind says. I really like that Powell Sport Pickup!

    1. Mid-engine sports cars are all, for the most part, going to be low and wide with a cab-forward short hood/bonnet look, feature gaping opening for engine cooling and sport fins and wings, splitters and diffusers for aero management. Wait until Lamley does a full photo review on these two (actually, I believe they have on the C8), then you’ll see the unique surface detailing and aero solutions each of these manufacturers has developed for their model, desite having similar layouts.

  4. I will buy these thanks for the update of cars from the whole years I was wating for this .
    Thanks for this you are the best guy for matchbox and hotwheels cars . I like you

  5. i agree the 911 does need a hardtop version same with the 83 Buick from moving parts. They have been returning some previous castings from way back and some castings i would wanna see return from the grave would be the 87 ford ltd crown vic in police, standard, and taxi form, the rover sterling, the dodge dakota, the 57 chevy definitely, the 82 pontiac firebird SE, the chevrolet ambulance from 1978, the plymouth fury police car, and the pontiac trans am T roof

  6. At what point does Mattel green-light a proper flap for the power grab boxes? I’d like to keep and display these, but wont due to the obnoxious inoperable flap hanging out there. Yes, it can be glued or taped, but come on – make the box correctly!

  7. There are some nice models here, but three of them are sorely lacking without chrome bumpers. I guess we’re continuing with the trend of dull grey.

  8. I can say as a whole how this brand has turned its head back to the real theme from the cartoon wacky race generic fantasy guff which was only a handful of years ago. Nice one for change. I can understand the why the plastic fantastic effect of dullness. Its just to keep to the USA dollar point for pocket money. It’s got to give soon as they would be moulded into plastic blobs. As Steven says above and I like and prefer the power grab box. Mattel can’t even organise a shipping container box to UK. There are a lot of Mbx ranges I see by pictures. They look good but again and even as above pictures “Not coming to the uk”!…. One shop Tesco only to buy which is at B…B….B….. We’ll call this year a right off due to weirdness and other. 2019 Mbx wasn’t even available for the UK market until Tesco adopted a homeless brand. Now its still not the same coverage as the Hws brand gets here. I still just don’t get that?!….. Yet Mattel have made the products like the Retro range and garage for example. Why are they stuck in Mattel’s boxed coverage…?!… Matchbox was made a 125 miles from my area of where I live…. 6.500 thousand miles to obtain?! How ironic. Make this brand stand out !!! It deserves more… !!!….Hopefully Mattel will allow more from this brand….

  9. Wow, this really is a great mix. Too bad I’ll never see a single one. I didn’t think distribution could get any worse, but here we are. All that’s in my local stores is peg after peg stuffed full of the MBX street cleaner thingy and the poor Subaru Sambar that nobody seems to be picking up. Target is usually my go-to for Matchbox, but even they haven’t been keeping up.

    Random thought….who the hell does Mattel approach to license something like the Powell?

  10. Wow, what a batch. I can’t remember the last time I so eagerly wanted every piece. It’s going to be a real fight for the first two.

    Too bad it’s going to be too dangerous to frequent the shops here in search of these.

  11. Very nice…but of course, hopeless distribution. Seeing these is almost worse than not seeing them if they are so hard to get – just a tease. There used to be a dozen outlets for MB in any town here in the UK, and they’d go out through wholesalers as well as big stores. Grumble, gripe, moan…but really, Mattel must know there’s a problem but they can’t be bothered. They appear to be distributed in Germany – why not here? Then there’s the other MB ranges, bah!….this tape will now self-destruct.

  12. This is a pretty nice mix and hopefully it won’t be long before these start to show up here. We’ve recently seen the previous wave (Aston Martin DBR1, Mr. Bean Mini, LEVC TX Taxi…) hitting Walmarts around town. I’ll be after the Divo and C8 (along with everyone else!), as well as the Carrera Cabrio, that beautiful orange Miata, BRG Healey, G550 Benz and LR Gen II. One of the better mixes of the year to be sure!

    1. Update; This mix is starting to hit the Pacific Northwest! I must have timed it just as they were stocked, because there were still Divos and C8s to be had. Got all the models I was looking for, but ended up passing on the Landie this go round. Good luck all!

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