Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 M Case

The 2019 M Case is out, and as always our friends at Wheel Collectors have given us the rundown. One case grabbed from their shipment at random, opened, filmed and photographed. Of course the models are available at the WC Store:

Hot Wheels M Case at Wheel Collectors

Enjoy the video and photos:

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  1. Only P and Q to go. There are many good picks here: RS6 and Panamera Estate, Chrysler Pacifica overland, the best color for the 720S, dark uniform for the Escort (which I like better than the cream one), Centenario Roadster, mainline Gasser, and heck, throw in the Kool Kombi too. About the only disappointment will be the M2 recolor, which is missing front and rear detailing, and Quattro, which is in green (ew).

    When will the Chiron and Vulcan come out, I wonder?

    1. Great question closedcl8. Their has not been much hype as I thought it would or should be for this Name Brand return to HOTWHEELS.

  2. I’ve been hitting both the L and M case at Publix and Target for the last couple of days! I pretty much have everything I want except for the ’66 Chevy Nova in black w/ flames and the recolor Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R in red/white. I tell ya, these batches are fully loaded! One of the best batches of the year in my opinion! Love my Panamera Wagon, Mercedes-Benz A Class, Centanario, and Audi RS6 Avant the best! I also love the dark purple on the McLaren 720S, looks very sharp!

  3. Awesome M Case unboxing video congrats. 👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  4. Like what is being offered. The recolour of the Porsche looks good. It looks like Chrysler looks good as well. I like these types of vehicles and was surprised to see Hotwheels do aversion of it.

  5. That Pacifica is so bizarre…I kinda dig it. Hopefully they’ll do one in a non-Hot Wheels Racing deco. I could get behind a mean-looking matte black version for sure.

    Beyond that, really looking forward to all the wagon and sports/supercar items from this case. The Porsche 911 is the disappointment….it looks SO plain. I’m sure it has front & rear tampo, but the taillights don’t wrap around the sides like they should for realism. For some reason, the white version got away with it a little better than this one.

    1. I’m with ya Ben! Though I’d say do the Pacifica in a dark metallic gray with the black wheels. 🙂

      I’m all for as many Euro wagons they want to throw our way! Keep issuing clean versions of the Audi RS6; white, black, yellow, gray, dark green, the same gloss royal blue as the Porsche… How about a BMW Touring? A Mercedes-AMG estate?

      Love the A-Class, M2 (though it needs front & rear tampos) and Sport Quattro (yes, the green-not-black is slowly growing on me). I’m hoping to love the Sport Turismo more in person than in photos.

      I thought the same thing about the Carrera. Looks fantastic in royal blue, but from the photo looks to be completely missing front and rear tampos. Question; are those wheels actually white or is it an odd reflection off the chrome?

      I’ll also be picking up the recolored Huayra (skipped the last one), the KW Integra (I’m SO wishing for an all new casting of the ’92 DB2 GS-R!), GReddy Maverick, Gumball 3000 Escort, McLaren 720S, Centenario and Batmobile.

      I’m on the fence with the Aston Martin DBS. Love the real car and feel this casting is decent, it’s just they continue to give it unnecessary and ugly stripes and poor choices in wheels. Will likely skip the Aventador J. They’ve done too many variations already, IMHO, for a one-off concept car. Will likely skip the recolored Fairlady 2000 as well. Liked the earlier yellow one much better.

      Finally, a red [Skyline] police car??? I just don’t get it. Is this a thing?

  6. I have both the Matchbox and hotwheels version of the mini vans so the newest mini van fits in well for my collection. I also owned a real 1993 mini van and as funny it sounds I really liked it a lot. Mini vans are the natural extension of the older station wagon designs.

  7. thank you so much for bringing back pics to the unboxing posts on the blog Lamley! this helps me go through your blog when i am taking a break at work without having to go to youtube…

  8. Here we are in mid September and Walmart is finally stocking this case. I’ve finally got my hands on a couple of Carreras. I even managed a single Skyline. I know I was (and still am) questioning the red, but it’s a Skyline, an oddity and I may never see another. Just found the Maverick at a Target last weekend as well as the McLaren and a single Kool Kombi. Today, Walmart had at least 4 or 5 of the ever popular Kombi. Is it possible the market may have finally gotten its fill of classic tv Batmobiles. I searched for years before finding my very first one. Today I saw multiples. Between the L case carryovers and what I found this past week, I think I’ve now got all I want from M case. Still haven’t seen the Aventador J. But, as I said above, this orange is not my favorite and I’ve got most of the earlier releases in a multitude of colors.

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