Rapid Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2020 D Case

Your quick reference video. Thanks to Wheel Collectors for sending the images:

Case Report coming.

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  1. This batch is a lot better than the first three batches so far. The highlights are the black Honda Civic Type R, the black Bugatti Chiron, the Mooneyes ’49 Volkswagen Beetle Pickup, and the blue Porsche 918 Spyder, which I believe is the Super of this batch. I also like the Alpine A110, the 8 Crate, and the ’68 Dodge Dart, which I believe are C case carryovers. I say this batch is better because the first three batches have been a total joke. It seems like Hot Wheels is loading up on fantasy cars more than usual. That’s all the first few batches have been so far. There were only two cars I wanted from the A case, four from the B case, and five from the C case. Usually I want ten or fifteen cars but instead it’s filled with fantasy instead of more sports cars, exotics, muscle, etc.

  2. Seems to be a lot of loud decos here. That said, it’s all about the Chiron, the Volvo, the 911 Carrera and the 918 Spyder for me. There’s a few other ones I’ll probably pick up, but nothing to write home about. I remain strangely drawn to that dumbass Pacifica for some reason.

    1. I like the mini van mainly because i live about two hours away from Windsor where the real van is made. I also owned a 1993 plymouth minivan so i have a soft spot for them. Near the end of the life of the van i added a thursh muffler to it hotrod it a bit. Not as may mods as on the hotwheels but the thought is there. BTY my was blue just like hotwheels minus the graphics.

  3. Wow, what a lot of junk! There are a few gems, but not any better than the earlier 2020 cases. The Volvo is easily the highlight, followed by the Civic and Chiron. I’m liking the Advan deco on the Lancer even though this casting remains too large. I’ll get the Vulcan, though I definitely love the original green deco much more. Maybe this white/red one will grow on me. Same deal with the Alpine. Great casting, but the original deco was definitely superior. Not so sure the gloss turquoise is the best color for the Porsche 918, but I suppose at least it matches up with the earlier Carrera and 934.5. The Escort and ’18 Mustang are nice and the Integra’s ok. The ’65 Mustang may not typically be my thing, but this one is gorgeous!

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