Hot Wheels N Case has the Bugatti Chiron, and apparently some Supers from the M Case. Oh, and we are doing a giveaway.

So by now you have probably figured out what I do once a new Hot Wheels Basic case is released. It starts with a message from my friends at Wheel Collectors, telling me they have it. Then things kick in. Matt & Matt pick a couple of cases off the pallet at random, open one for photographs, and film the unboxing of another. I get both, and turn one into a photo Case Report for the blog, and the video into the Rapid Unboxing for the YouTube Channel. After that I tell them what models I’d like to feature, which they box up and send. On top of that, A&J Toys sends me a separate case to Unbox live on the channel.

Why am I telling you that? Well, for a couple of reasons. One, Wheel Collectors launched their own YouTube Channel, mainly to open cases they get, and to do the occasional giveaway. And I am going to join in occasionally, linking the Rapid Unboxing videos to their giveaways.

They other reason is because of what happened today, and how you can take advantage. It is July 3rd, a day most of us here in the US are wrapping things up to spend the 4th celebrating the holiday. It isn’t a good day to get a huge pallet of maybe the most anticipated basic case of the year. But that is what happened. Matt & Matt got the shipment late in the afternoon, and things kicked into gear. Cases getting ripped open to be listed, as well as photographed for a Case Report (which is coming), and a video for the YouTube Channel.

We had already planned to make the N Case the first video to link to a giveaway, so we planned one. Have viewers pick their top 3 models, list them in the comments – on the Lamley YouTube Channel, not here on the blog – and subscribe to the Wheel Collectors Channel. Wheel Collectors would then draw three viewers from those comments and send them the three models they picked.

All sounds good, and we thought the Bugatti would be on most people’s lists. But there was a bonus. I got the first Rapid Unboxing video to post, but there was a problem with the video. So Wheel Collectors did a new video, with a new case, and strangely pulled the M Case Super, the Lamborghini Aventador, in the first three.

I have no idea why the Aventador was in there. If there was a Super, it should have been the Tesla Model S, but in this case the Lambo was there. So guess what? You should go to the channel – comments on the blog won’t qualify – and list your Top 3. And if the Lambo is one, be sure to mention it. You could win it.

(Of course the N Case models are listed at the Wheel Collectors eBay Store as well.)

10 Replies to “Hot Wheels N Case has the Bugatti Chiron, and apparently some Supers from the M Case. Oh, and we are doing a giveaway.”

  1. What a case to celebrate 4th of July!!! I really, really, really hope I win that Aventador J Super.

    And wish you a Happy Independence Day, John!!

  2. My top three are easy. They’re probably gonna be favorites by many others:

    Bugatti Chiron
    Audi RS5
    Honda Civic Type R (recolor)

  3. Would you guys even ship to Manila, Philippines? Am I even gonna win? What is even the point? I’m never seeing that Chiron in stores so please pick me.

  4. Awesome N Case unboxing video congrats. 👍I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  5. I must be an oddball. Only ones that peeked my interest were the Maverick, the mimivan and the flat black truck.

  6. I know it’s probably unfeasible from a cost standpoint, but it’d be really nice to see the Chiron in a two-tone paint job. Probably have to hold out hope for a premium version of the casting for that though.

    Pretty good case otherwise. I’m always down for another SP2. I hope they don’t forget about the stock Maverick in the face of the new customized one.

  7. Well, here we are at the end of September and the local Walmarts have begun getting in M case, so I’m starting to get caught up. To my surprise Kroger is now stocking H case, so I was able to fill quite a few holes there as well. Now on to N, P and hopefully Q before the end of the year.

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