Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 P Case

Second to last case, and as is typical, Hot Wheels is ending on a run. More great models, highlighted by the Porsche 914. More on that in a few days.

In the meantime, check out the models in the case, and grab them at Wheel Collectors if you are so inclined. Thanks to the WC Team for taking these pics. More to come.

(Hot Wheels P Case at Wheel Collectors)

4 Replies to “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2020 P Case”

  1. The two I’m looking forward to the most is the Ford F-150 Lightning and the recolor Honda Prelude. I wasn’t able to get the Fast and Furious version so a nice, clean, well-detailed basic version will do just fine. The Prelude looks so much better in blue than silver. Still a nice car though. It’s actually one of my favorite new castings this year. I’m guessing these will hit by next month or the month after considering I just found the N case cars after two months of no new cars.

  2. I’ll be saving some money on this one. Not a whole lot here for me. Apart from the N case carryovers, I’ll be hunting for; 914 Safari, Prelude recolor, Centenario recolor, Huayra recolor, Toyota 2000 GT recolor, Silvia recolor and Mazda RX-3. The highlight for me is the Prelude. I even considered buying the real thing in Electron blue back in the day. As for the Centenario and Huayra, I prefer some of the other colors released earlier. For the 2000GT, Silvia and RX-3, these would be far more exciting to me with clean paint jobs, sans graphics.

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