Rapid Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2020 B Case

That was fast. Looks like my 2020 B Case coverage is beginning, starting with this Rapid Unboxing video. Wheel Collectors got it yesterday, and the models are available.

I’ll have photos posted later.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! A few must-haves in there: 917LH, 944, Subie.

    Good to see you back. Don’t burn yourself out!

  2. Guess we’re done with stock decos on the RX-7…shame. Greenwood Corvette is always great to see, and the Super version of the GT40 is absolutely stunning! I know some folks are in a bit of Gulf burnout with how much it’s been used lately, but I’m still a fan. Elsewhere, the City Turbo is always a welcome sight, and it’s also nice to see the rare licensed regular treasure hunt. The Unimog is a cartoonish-enough vehicle to warrant it I suppose 😉

  3. Definite keepers are the two Porsches, the 944 & Panamera, the Gulf GT40 and Greenwood Corvette. I even like that oddball RV There Yet casting! The rest of this batch is total garbage! Shit tons of fantasy cars! C’mon Hot Wheels! Tone it down a little! I know licensing is an issue but you don’t have to fill more than three quarters of the case full of shitty fantasy cars that very few like! Whatever happened to filler muscle cars and sports cars instead? If you can’t evenly split between realism and fantasy, just limit the amount of cars per case so stores don’t get overwhelmed with piles of fantasy cars clogging the pegs preventing them from getting anything new! It’s frustrating, especially at Walmart since they’re notorious for having clogged pegs of fantasy cars!

  4. I loved driving the 944 in NFS Porsche Unleashed and I’m happy to see HW doing it. Will be getting that for sure. Will also be getting the Panamera as I love that too. Gulf may be getting overplayed in 1:64 but two cars I’ll never tire of seeing in Gulf livery are the GT40 and 917. The basic GT40 looks great but the Super is on another level! Will be super happy to find that!

  5. For sure the GT-40 and Porsche 944.

    But come on HW, cut back with the fantasy generics. Most of them look silly. Stick with designing them based on concepts and real cars. Nothing wrong some, but a lot are BAD. I admit I am a fan of some, such as Surf N’ Turf, Mig Rig, and of course the classics, but not many.

  6. Not the greatest of cases. I only see I handful that I’ll be after;

    Porsche 944
    Subaru WRX
    Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo recolor
    Ford GT40 Gulf recolor
    Nissan Skyline recolor
    Honda City recolor
    Chrome Batmobile: is a maybe
    Greenwood Corvette is a maybe (not really what I collect)

    Porsche 917: nice casting/ugly deco = pass
    RX-7: nice casting/ugly deco = pass

  7. My comment posted before I had finished. I’ll also be grabbing the Land Rover pickup. So 7 models I’ll grab, 2 maybes and a whole lot a junk.

  8. I found the 2 jet z casting and it very nice. Having problems finding the Aston Martin and Jaguar casting. Also found the r33 Skyline and it is very well done.

  9. Found some of these today. The Subaru is a great casting and look forward seeing it in a rally deco. The jaguar is well done. It looks good in gold so it will be interesting what recolours will be done.

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