Lamley Awards: Picking the BEST of Tarmac Works in 2022

Maybe Tarmac's best year yet? Check out the 16 nominees for the Tarmac Works Tournament going live tonight.

Tarmac Works announces a Volvo 850, a collab with Mini GT, and drops a PPPP (Pair of Pink Pig Porsches)

This is a news post. You don’t need my commentary, but you can probably guess I am excited about all of it. Really excited. Let’s start with the most urgent news. The new mix from Tarmac Works drops today, and it is full of some really good stuff. Global64 Koenigsegg Agera (which rolls for the …

Looking for a way to collect Tarmac Works? Maybe start with the RWB Porsches.

(Tarmac Works RWB on ebay) Right out of the gate I am not saying you should just collect the RWB Porsches from Tarmac Works. I am just saying it is a good place to start. Because you won’t finish there. I have been touting Tarmac for awhile now. They have steadily grown each year and …

Tarmac Works hops the pond. The ponies are coming.

The folks at Tarmac Works send over these two images, and yeah, I definitely wanted to share. There are times I don’t need to say much, so consider these teases. Both models are in development, and more info will be coming soon. But here are a couple of 3D renderings and some package art. Rad.

Lamley Daily: Tarmac Works Pagani Zonda Carbon Edition Hong Kong Exclusive

Model: Pagani Zonda Carbon Edition Release: Tarmac Works Hong Kong Exclusive Where to get it: There are a few on eBay Why it is in the collection: Tarmac is prolific. I honestly think the best way to collect Tarmac Works is to pursue their Global64 racecar models and get a huge space and display them …