What Tarmac Works is Working on:

Hopefully through Instagram and other means you have gotten to know Felix Kwong of Tarmac Works. Felix has always been really good at staying in touch with the collector world. He always reads feedback, he always tries to get updates out on what is coming, and just communicate with collectors in general. He is a full diecast nerd himself, so he knows what collectors want, and he tries to give it to him.

We stay connected as well, and I am always excited to see a “hey John check this out” message waiting for me on WhatsApp when I wake up in the morning. So I thought I would share here what Felix shares with me. Some you will have seen on the TW IG and Facebook pages, some you haven’t seen at all. I asked Felix to give me a few thoughts and details, and I would post them here.

So here is what Felix has to share today:

We are constantly pushing ourselves to try something different so we had announce a couple of wagons previously and this month we are announcing a van and SUV for the first time.

Toyota Hiace Widebody will be our first van in 64 scale and it will come with a variety of rim styles, rear spoilers, interiors, exhausts and roof accessories. Our team first saw this widebody van at the Tokyo Auto Salon and thought it was extremely cool and adding to that is that Hiace is one of the most popular vans in Asia so we decided to go for it. Target to be released in Q4 this year.

The AMG G63 is also our first ever SUV and we have selected the most recent 2020 model. It will also come with a great mix of front bumpers, wheels/rims, roof accessories and even chassis for different ride heights. Target release is also Q4 of this year.

Rad, right? Some details:

Mercedes-AMG G63 

  • 2 grills:  Stock  /  Stock with offroad lights 
  • 2 spare wheels at the rear:  Stock  /  offroad wheel
  • 3 wheels:  22” AMG rims  /  20” Trail package rims  /  Offroad rims and tires
  • 3 front bumper:  AMG bumper  /  AMG bumper with AMG brush guard  /  Offroad bumper
  • 2 Chassis:  Stock ride height  /  Offroad ride height
  • Accessories:  Snorkel  /  police light bar

Detailed interior seats and detailed underbody chassis

Toyota Hiace widebody

  • 2 interior: Stock interior  /  Striped interior with roll cage
  • 2 Steering wheels and shifter:  Stock  /  Race style steering wheel with E-brake
  • 2 seats: stock  /  Bride A.I.R. seat
  • 4 wheels: TE37  /  Deep Mesh rims  /  X-three 19” rims  /  steelies
  • 2 wings: Top mounted wing  /  rear door spoiler 
  • 2 exhaust: 4 exits exhaust  /  long exhaust 
  • Accessories:  Roof rack  /  2 style police light  /  taxi lights

These will cool to see develop. Add them to the list.

As soon as I wake up with another “Hey John check this out” I will be sure to share.

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  1. I think they’re all really cool. I’m guessing they’re gray because they’re prototypes. Am I correct?

  2. Are all the G63 variations still being released? The standard and lifted versions have but I haven’t heard anything about the one pictured with the aftermarker bumper and snokel

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