Lamley Awards: Picking the BEST of Tarmac Works in 2022

Our first Lamley Awards Instagram Tournament for 2022 is a dive into Tarmac Works.

It’s been a stellar year for the Hong Kong-based brand. Variety seems to be the theme has they expanded their popular Global64 line with several new gems, and they created major buzz by securing a Ferrari racing license. A key to collector’s hearts is the surprise, the model that when announced stop’s a collector in their tracks and makes then ask incessantly for the date when the model will be released. Tarmac Works mastered that this year with several models.

Last year we focused strictly on the Global64 line for the Lamley Awards, but this year we are dealing with Tarmac Works as a whole. So I asked Felix Kwong, one of TW’s co-founders, to give my his list of the 16 models that created the most buzz on their end, and we compared it to what we saw on this end.

What results is a list of 16 models from both the Global64 and Hobby64 lines, all representing different corners of the car culture world. As you vote in the tournament, your criteria is yours. Vote for the specific car, or the casting it represents. The choice is yours, all we know is one model will emerge as the Tarmac Works Model of the Year.

So, watch the video, check out the pics, and then join me on Instagram at @lamleygroup to watch the seeding livestream and vote on your faves, tournament style.

The video:

The pics:

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  1. Definitely a tough choice here. My personal favorite is the LMGTE pro Ferrari 488. It’s the same casting as the Hublot and Momo Ferrari but with the pro livery. Since that was my favorite, I will vote for the Hublot Ferrari GTE am because it is also a livery from Le Mans. We need more Le Mans racers. I really hope we get some of the upcoming 2023 Hypercar class racers.
    Honorable mention for me here is the Martini Lancia. I didn’t get one just because it didn’t fit my collection, but boy, every time I see photos of that one I want to go find one to buy. I’m a sucker for moving parts like that too.

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