Looking for a way to collect Tarmac Works? Maybe start with the RWB Porsches.

(Tarmac Works RWB on ebay)

Right out of the gate I am not saying you should just collect the RWB Porsches from Tarmac Works. I am just saying it is a good place to start. Because you won’t finish there.

I have been touting Tarmac for awhile now. They have steadily grown each year and expanded quite a bit. I have followed not only their growth, but the collector reaction. I have heard positive and negative (Ultra-realistic! Bad quality! Incredible detail! They don’t roll!), but over time they have carved out a true niche and there are a lot of huge TW fans. I’m one.

But they are prolific, and it is hard to keep up. New castings, tons of racing liveries, different releases from worldwide to events. They send me preview models and half the time I have to go back to check if these models have been shown or not. There is a lot.

But I think everyone would benefit from having a few models in their collection. Not all, that would be difficult, but a few. And a good place to start is the RWB Porsches.

RWB seems to have taken over the diecast world. Tarmac is pumping them out and Hot Wheels has the Team Transport and RLC ready to completely be the talk for the next couple of months. For good reason, the cars are obviously unique, and they translate beautifully to 1/64. Nakai-San has created his own style, and worlds large and small are gobbling it up.

But Tarmac can do something Hot Wheels can’t. Just look at the logos on the cars above. Hot Wheels can’t go there. Tarmac did. So get the Hot Wheels and race it around. Display the Tarmac. I photographed these without the base, but you want to display them with:

Add to these two the Stella Artois, Apple Computers, and on and one, and you will have a blast collecting and displaying them.

And then the problem happens. Sticking with the RWB is fun enough, but you will want more. The fight is real, and Tarmac Works can be very guilty of pulling you in deeper. That is how they have built such a frenzied fan base is Asia. I said there is something about displaying them together, and once you get one, you want more. You want to see one racing livery next to another, whether it is an RWB Porsche or BAPE Audi R8.

Then you see the real thing on Instagram, and you are thrilled you have it.

And you see how good Tarmac Works is at replicating these cars. Then Lamley hypes them. It is up to you. Be careful. You’ll love them.

(Tarmac Works RWB on ebay)

You get the drift. Collecting isn’t fluid, it can be sporadic. Our attention can be pulled one direction quickly. My battle has been to control it as I can. To be happy when I jump in on a product. Tarmac Works makes it worth it. The RWB’s for sure make it worth it. We will see how you end up on the other side.

(Tarmac Works RWB on ebay)

2 Replies to “Looking for a way to collect Tarmac Works? Maybe start with the RWB Porsches.”

  1. I see a lot of different versions of the way the TW cars are sold. How do we know what ones we’re getting, and is there any difference aside from packaging?

    I see these when I go looking:

    Ones that are packaged with a cardboard “shipping crate”, wrapped in cellophane.
    Ones that are packaged with a cardboard box, in a hard plastic hang card.
    Ones that are in a display case, maybe mounted?

    1. I’ve bought Tarmac Works off of eBay and directly from Tarmac, and in both cases, the way the cars come packaged are well illustrated in the descriptions and pictures

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