That’s Mine’s!!

Gran Turismo kids and fan boys will understand. For others it will be a discovery, or just beautiful mini cars, or another white rims model, or just some more JDM s***.

Mine’s is a customizer based in Japan specialized in high end performance parts and tuning. They have a website, where you can see the products and the cars they make.

(Mine’s 1/64 on ebay)

As I said in introduction, I bet that outside of Japan, most people know Mine’s thanks to Gran Turismo video game, that I consider being the major reason why JDM is what it is today.

So as I fell into the cauldron as a kid, it was quite logical for me to add Mine’s cars to the collection some years later. And what a blast.

Tarmac Works shot first with its Mitsubishi Evo 5, and I straight knew I did not want to miss this one.

Very recently, Inno64 has released the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32, with no white rims but very shinny chrome lace wheels, that are SO PERFECT.

They pair so well.

What I like on Mine’s is their calligraphy looking like a signature.

This pair of Mine’s is a really deep travel into Japanese car culture, that both Tarmac and Inno out shined in perfection.

I let the pictures do the talking. In my opinion, whether you love it, whether you hate it. At least now, you know what Mine’s is.

As an arbitrator in this Mine’s game, I put a Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan Atlas safety loader for a fun photo shoot, enjoy the pics ! (find a Tomica Limited Vintage Safety Loader on Lamley partner Japan Booster).

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