Recent mail call: Mini GT and Tarmac Works!

It has been a while since my last parcel of the day post, and before my next Tomica Limited Vintage shipment, I thought why not make a quick word on my last purchases of 1:64 premium diecast, and share it with you guys.

This time, it’s Mini GT that hit many French dealers, and I jumped on it. The Mercedes-Benz AMG of South Africa is not a car that you can miss. So do the Land Rover. Oh, and I got some Tarmac Works from Tarmac Works France – la boutique, with the Lamley special edition. Let’s discover these gems.

The Mini GT Mercedes-Benz Evo II is a very nice casting, we know it. The front headlights treatment is particularly good. Though, I’ve been waiting for this Camel version, and I’m not disappointed! The car is very good for a price that is around €12 in my country, and this type of wheels erase the problem I have with this manufacturer, which is the lack of brake disks/calipers. And I love this type of DTM wheels! What I love less are the water decals you have to out yourself. Camel being tobacco brand, the problem is solved by using extra decals sheet, that is common in the diecast world.

This very cool car is easy to find on eBay … yet!

The number of Camel words to apply seems endless, but there are kind of indications on the decals sheet to guide you. So on Sunday morning, I did it. With fear, but I did it. And I’m pretty happy with the results! The decals are good quality, that must be said. And the car looks so nice with the Camel decos on it.

This car definitely enters my top 3 Mini GT models.

The Land Rover Post Bus is another must have, in it’s red satin robe. I love the white wheels, and the simplicity if the model. It’s a nice UK utility vehicle. The casting works really well.

So I decided to get the V8 County version too, in it’s pure stock look of Land Rover Defender. The stripe is really precise, this old school line is typical. I adore mini GT models that are stock like that. I do much prefer this kind of models than the LB or Pandem things.

You might have noticed that the photos are taken on an unusual display table, that is Mini GT too. This is available as well as the cars for sale, and I did chose – obviously – the mirror finish model. It fits 1/64 cars, and some 1/43 can fit on it too. This rotary display works with too little batteries (not included). They make a little too much noise, but in the end when I want to record something for a story or else, I add music on, so it’s not that disturbing for me. I just hope the mirror will not get dirty too soon, with the tires of the cars, and some residues of fats. It’s also easy to find some on eBay!

Finally, I ordered from Tarmac Works France 2 models for my collection, and one is very particular because it’s the Lamley x Tarmac Works collaboration model. The car is a white Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Black Series, sporting a black rear spoiler and a nice and clean Lamley logo on the rear window. This collaboration is very discreet, and that is what I love, because the rear logo could totally exists in real life on any team car, or a custom car. I had no doubt that John choose a white car with black wheels for his model. The results is clean, and even if I’m not a huge fan of the Global64 series, I must admit that the car is very unique for it’s price : metal chassis, fine tampo work, the car rolls, mirrors are detailed. Are there brake disks ?

Anyway, it’s a piece I’m happy to have in my collection, for many reasons, the first being myself writing here.

I also bought the Toyota Corolla Levin AE92, in a crazy blue robe of 1989 24h of Spa (Belgium race). Love the fact that it’s a Spa version, and I wanted to test this new casting for a while now. The car is good, stance is good, finish is correct. I’m in.

Nice fog lights.

A very quick word too on this recent purchase, still from Tarmac Works France, with the amazing Volvo estate special edition Pentax from Macau. I love this car, and this version!

See you soon for more reviews!


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  1. The Land Rover “Post Bus” is a model of a Scottish Post bus, this can be seen by the use of the Crown logo on the front doors as in England the logo is “ER 2″(with the 2 in roman numerals) this is because while Queen Elizabeth is Queen Elizabeth the second this is only true for England and Wales as in Scotland she is the first Queen Elizabeth. A small thing but a nice touch.

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