Lamley Awards 2020: Hot Kustoms Top 10 2020 New Models

2020 mark close to one year of my modest contribution to the Lamley page covering the latest Tomica releases including many of my favourites from other makers. I have fun along side with my fellow contributors including all the chats around the clock.

Let’s cut to the chase with the breakdown of my top 10 castings for 2020 which I have taken time to funnel down out of my many favourites acquisition without any order or sequence.

Tomica 50th Anniversary Collaboration Nissan GT-R

eBay link: Tomica Nissan GT-R

This 50th Anniversary special collaboration GT-R design by Nissan spot the same livery as the iconic Turbo Super Silhouette with distinctive red and black division and arresting Tomica and Nissan logo in reverse white.

Although an adaptation from the nostalgic Skyline Silhouette, this GT-R connects with old timers and impresses the new Tomica collectors. The design itself is a strong testament of Tomica and Nissan past and present collaboration and definitely for the next 50 years.

Tomica Premium Mazda Savanna RX-7

eBay link: Tomica Premium Mazda Savanna RX-7

The Mazda RX-7 (FC) has a striking resemblance if not alike with the Dream Tomica Akagi RedSuns and also the highly detailed Tomica Limited Vintage. It also double up as a collector casting with “play” factor together with features you never see in the model car for example the cool pop-up headlights. When closed the headlights doesn’t show much gap unlike the doors. Although its made of plastic it shares the same body color which looks integrated.

Tomica Premium 5th Anniversary Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune

eBay link: Tomica Premium Nismo R34

This Tomica Premium limited edition in Bayside Blue is the 3rd variation of the R34 GT-R Z-tune which sport a similar livery with the Tokyo Auto Salon version. Ironically the Nismo R34 GT-R Z-tune is also the very first Tomica Premium release back in April 2015.

Hence in the spirit of celebrating their 5th Anniversary Tomica has once again cast the spotlight on R34 Z-tune which reflects its achievement. This beautifully crafted Nismo R34 has the signature Nismo stripe in a straight line connecting the fenders and doors with painted seats in the interior including realistic wheelset in plastic. It’s definitely a killer representation for the Tomica Premium Brand.

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Diocolle 64 Set With Honda Civic EF

ebaylink: tomica limited vintage diocolle64 car wash honda civic

The Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Car Wash set has a simple theme. A father and kids bonding session while washing his beloved Honda Civic EF which is no doubt one of the best Civic model car coming from TLV.

This EF is a dream come true for many Civic collectors with meticulous details and precison workmanship with striking red body color in true 1/64 scale. Set also include highly detailed figurines to complete your car wash story.

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Ferrari F40

ebaylink: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Ferrari F40

The TLVN Ferrari F40 in black is another color variation from the initial release back in March 2019 in red. It is equally popular as the Enzo Ferrari with a niche number of 1131 units produced back in 1980s.

Just like the TLVN F40 debut back in last year, this F40 never fails to impress collectors with superb craftsmanship and details that truly justify its high retail price point. Highlight is definitely on its opening features for front and rear which TLVN choose to avoid on majority of their releases.

Tarmac Works RWB 993 Rotana

ebaylink: Tarmac Works RWB 993 Rotana

This wild looking RWB 993 is one of my most favourite among my Tarmac Works RWB collection. The details are just insane and on par with my 1/43 scale which was released earlier. This casting with the Nojima Special flat purple body color makes this 993 Turbo one of its kind with a unique presence.

The wheelset are slammed and looks perfect with the riveted-on fender extensions together with the most insane triple tier rear wing to create the most extreme expression for this RWB in 1/64 scale.

Tarmac Works Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition

eBaylink: Tarmac works Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer VI Tommi Makinen

Tarmac Works perfectly replicated this special edition Tommi Makinen Evo Lancer VI with precision specifications such as accurate body color, livery, detailed interior, realistic lights, and matching wheelset just like the actual EVO VI shrunk down into 1/64 scale.

No Mitsubishi Evo is more prized than the Tommi Makinen Edition and I’m really glad Tarmac Works has produced one of the most accurate casting of this special Edition EVO VI in true 1/64 scale which looks equally stunning in photography or stand-alone in Hobby64 display case.

MINI GT land Rover Defender 110

eBay link: MINI GT Land Rover Defender

This Land Rover Defender from MINI GT is without doubt one of the best casting for 2020. Every element stands out from packaging design to the actual casting in 1/64. This is a perfect replica of the actual UK Team to ever win the Camel Trophy and something of a showcase for Land Rover that 4×4 expedition is made possible.

I am all praise for this highly detailed casting from realistic wheelset, accessories on the roof rack (Boat not included) and the actual livery all packed sharply into this awesome 1/64 Defender at an affordable price point. Defender rules!

MINI GT LBWK Lamborghini Huracan GT

ebaylink: MINI GT Lamborghini Huracan GT

MINI GT LB-Silhouette Works gives a unique and distinctive look to the Huracan and very close to the real deal in terms on aesthetics at an affordable price point. The gun metal and clean white color combination looks awesome including the impressive front lights with painted markings and all the fine details.

The LBWK Huracan GT looks exceptional in diecast photography from various angle and pairs perfectly with the rest of the color variants. This is definitely a must have for any diecast collector.

Ignition Model Honda NSX

eBay link: Ignition Model Honda NSX

Ignition Model sits among the premium category to replicate one of the most accurate 1/64 model cars. The NSX is perfectly replicated that justifies their retail price point with flawless paint work, intricate details, realistic wheels and rear lights.

I’m very happy to have especially the NSX in white as its Honda very iconic brand color along with the metallic orange which are my personal favourite. This will be a very good comparison when Tomica Limited Vintage Neo debut their very own NSX in February 2021.

That sums up top 10s of my 2020 New Models. Let’s welcome 2021 with more exciting releases!

Stay tuned for the next feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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