Lamley Awards 2020: The BEST from Tarmac Works

Alright, here I go. And no, it will not be all videos.

But this one is. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Top 10 lists from the Lamley Contributors, from their best releases of the year to the best acquisitions. I’m going to get in on that too, but after I reveal some of my favorites from the brands I collect.

Let’s start with Tarmac Works. I didn’t do a list for Tarmac Works, but instead some of my favorites from the many elements of Tarmac. From their amazingly details Hobby64 models to their diverse Global64 line, with a ton of cool packaging in between. And hopefully it is clear what my favorite TW model is this year.

And coming shortly, Tarmac Works Director Felix Kwong’s TW Top 10. Enjoy.

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  1. In my opinion 2020 was a transition year for Tarmac Works. I’m really looking forward to the collaborations and the new in-house creations for 2021. Stock definitely on the rise.

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