Sneak Peek: The Mitsubishi Evo 9 Wagon comes to Tarmac Works

I have been so excited about this model since a little bird chirped the news awhile ago. Tarmac Works, after announcing the Volvo 850 last week, is keeping its Wagon Game REALLY strong with the Mitsubishi Evo 9 Wagon following right behind.

These are obviously early sculpts of the upcoming model, taken and shared with me by Tarmac Works, but you get the idea. And I have details.

This replica of the high performance wagon will come in several versions. There will be race and stock versions of the wagon, with 4 bumper, 2 rear wing, and 4 wheel options, as well as stock and race interiors with both Recaro and Ralliart Recaro seats. The monster wagon will definitely look good in its different ensembles.

I don’t have a specific date for the Evo 9’s release, but I hope it is soon. Thanks to the gang at Tarmac Works for allowing me to break the news.

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