Tarmac Works announces a Volvo 850, a collab with Mini GT, and drops a PPPP (Pair of Pink Pig Porsches)

This is a news post. You don’t need my commentary, but you can probably guess I am excited about all of it. Really excited.

Let’s start with the most urgent news. The new mix from Tarmac Works drops today, and it is full of some really good stuff. Global64 Koenigsegg Agera (which rolls for the “does it roll?” crowd), two special release BMWs, a collab Skyline with Greenlight, and two awesome Pink Pig Porsches, one RWB and other a GT3.

They are all available now at SURPLUSgoodies, a Lamley Partner.

I’ll be featuring these, but you won’t want to wait. I’d grab them now.

But that isn’t all Tarmac Works did this week. They dropped a bit of news, starting with a surprise announcement on a new collaboration:

Of all the new brands in the last few years, Tarmac and Mini GT are probably the two that have caught my attention the most, and I cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

We also already know a Volvo 850 is up Tarmac’s sleeves, with these fantastic tease photos of the super wagon, coming in both race and street versions:

(And a little tease, for those who actually read these features: This isn’t the only wagon Tarmac as in the Works. More on that later.)

I’ve said it a lot. This is the best time ever to be a 1/64 collector.

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