Lamley Daily : The last of the R8, by Tarmac Works

Model: Audi R8 LMS illest version

Line: Tarmac Works Hobby64

eBay link: Tarmac Works Audi R8

It is not the last of the V8, but the last of the R8. Tarmac Works announced it some weeks ago, this illest version will be the last of the R8 LMS for this generation. The new generation, an Evo version, is coming soon, and the mold will be reworked.

I like that Tarmac Works is so precise. I also like this casting because it is Tarmac Works DNA, I mean GT3 cars. A very well done casting, with detailed engine.

If you remember well, the very first model of the Audi R8 was rebuilt from scratch, because the lines were off and the model way too chunky.

The tampo work on the car is crazy cool, such as the plain blue base. I adore when they go crazy with colored bases. In this case, it is perfect.

It is a very nice version, and maybe it is even more worth it because it is the last one. Do the car exists in real life ? I’m not sure, but it pairs well with my others colorful versions.

Cheers !


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