Tarmac Works is stretching again, with a Mustang, 190E, E36 and more coming

Did you see the chat I had with Felix from Tarmac Works the other night on Instagram Live? It was so cool to be on with Felix, but even cooler was what he dropped before having me on. A collaboration with Schuco (yeah, Schuco!) and some fantastic upcoming models in both their Global64 and Hobby64 lines.

Felix had some early prototypes, and it looks like the expansion of Tarmac Works continues. The beloved 190E highlights the upcoming models for me, but seeing a Mustang is a big deal as well. Felix and Tarmac shared some of the photos with me, and I am sharing them with you.

One of the elements of collecting that Felix and I talked about, especially with the emergence of these premium “diorama” models, was the “does it roll” factor. Tarmac has made several in their Hobby64 line that are more display models, with an incredible amount of detail. They don’t roll. Others, mainly from the Global64 line, do, and roll really well. And a few of these new models are in that line, and I think easy hits among the “does it roll” crowd. Can you figure out which models?

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  1. These are fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to them. The thing I don’t understand, though, is why make a 190 and an E36 when these are being done already by Inno? I’m hugely excited that the 1/64 market is being serviced by these new great manufacturers, but I’m not sure why they all need to do all the same cars. If they want to sell more, why not find their own niche rather than all going for the same little piece of territory? There are more races than just Macau. It’s ok to pivot.

    I guess this comment won’t go through either, this isn’t really a place for discussions, but I’m going to send it anyway.

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