Sneak Peek: See what Tarmac Works unveiled on their most recent Instagram Live

Instagram Live is one of the silver linings of this quarantine. Many of us figured out what a great tool it was, as did Instagram. They finally made live feeds easier to save, and that means access to all the great content so many people are putting on Instagram live feeds.

That includes Tarmac Works. The other night, co-founder Felix Kwong jumped on to preview some upcoming models, as well as chat with Glen Chou of Mini GT. And I can post it here:

There is a lot there, and Felix was kind enough to send over some pics of some of those models, including the Volvo 850 Wagons and their upcoming collaboration with Mini GT. All are coming later this year, and I can’t wait.

TW Volvo 850 in street and racing versions:

Tarmac Works X Mini GT Liberty Walk models with real car paint:

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