Lamley Daily: Auto Rozza Subaru Impreza WRX STI

I have quite a few Imprezas in model form but Auto Rozza was new to me when I picked up this unusual 1:64 Subie

Lamley Daily: Tomica Dandy Hino petrol tanker

Tomica's Limited Vintage Hinos have been some of the most desirable 1/64s of the past few years. Monsters, full of tiny details, opening trailers and oozing with retro Japanese chic. And the demand has been high, prices have quickly risen to the point where to some of us they have fast become unobtanium. But today we're not going to be serving up any more (highly deserved) hyperbole on those. We're taking a little step back into the Japanese brand's back catalogue to look at the one of the ancestors of the modern TLVN Hinos.

Lamley Daily: Dream Tomica MF Ghost Kanata Rivington Toyota GT86

Model: Toyota 86 GT Line: Dream Tomica ebay link: Dream Tomica Toyota GT86 MF Ghost is the continuation of the popular Initial D series by the same author Shuichi Shigeno. It was year 202X, Kanata Rivintngton who graduated from Royal Donington Park Racing School in the UK and also the disciple of legendary Takumi Fujiwara returns …

Lamley Daily: Tomica Mazda Bongo Friendee

The Bongo Friendee is one of my favourite Tomica castings. It’s a solid lump of metal and has the fantastic ‘Auto Free Top’ extendable roof for great play value. It also comes in paint finishes that reflect real-life colours, complete with the correct graphics

Matchbox Formula 1 grid walk, Part 1: 1950s-1970s

I began writing this article with the intention of covering Matchbox’s Formula 1 history, based on cars in my collection. The more I dug into the topic, the more there was to say, so I’m splitting the story into two parts. This is Part 1 and covers the 1950s, 60s and 70s, from the Maserati 4CLT to the Team Matchbox

Tomica Striking Aston Martin Debut With A Heavyweight Super Puma

(Find Tomica Aston Martin on eBay) I’m very delighted that the Aston Martin Brand has make its way into Tomica with their very first appearance starting with a striking pair of Vanquish Zagato, and also the Tomica Premium Aston Martin DB5 that is coming next month. On a side note, the Redbox No.19 Suzuki Kanata …