Tomica 50 Years Of Partnership And Now a Perfect Collaboration

Honda, Toyota Motors and Nissan has always stood by Tomica for the past 50 years with countless castings based on just these 3 makers. From Red Box to Limited (Retired) and now Premium along with hundreds of special release. This relationship has stand the test of time with much fanfare around the world.

This jubilee year they took a step further with a special collaboration project by getting the designer from each respective car maker to design a Tomica 50th Anniversary livery on the 3 highly popular casting among collectors.

Honda Civic Type R

eBay link: Tomica Honda Civic Type R

The Civic Type R (FK8) was the natural choice for the collaboration project which I did a feature on my previous article. The design is clean and sleek with a dynamic typeface of its racing number “50” together with stripes predominantly in gold and gun metal.

This particular casting is hot with collectors and the good news is its available at major retail outlets in Japan and parts of Asia release alike the mainline Red Box version with decent after market prices especially in eBay. If you are a Tomica and Civic collector you will be happy to add this casting to your collection.

Toyota GR Supra

eBay link: Tomica Toyota GR Supra

The Gazoo Racing Supra a collaboration between BMW based on the Z4 is a hit with many collectors and definitely the casting of choice for the collaboration project. The modern and “futuristic” livery design is a sharp contrast with the Supra gorgeous body curve.

Although I personally will like to see a “clean” GR Supra, the designer from Toyota actually did a neat job of marrying the “futuristic” elements such as the honeycomb with modern typeface. Livery color are comprises of black and gray tone against the clean white body with intersection design between the Tomica logo and the honeycomb on the side.

Although I’m not a big fan of the painted gray headlights and perhaps the least of my favourite among the 3, the design is well balanced and it looks perfect alongside with the Honda and Nissan collaboration casting.

Nissan GT-R

eBay link: Tomica Nissan GT-R

Tomica save the best for last with the 3rd and final Nissan GT-R for this collaboration project. This 50th Anniversary version spot the same livery as the iconic Nissan Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette with distinctive red and black division with arresting Tomica and Nissan logo in reverse white.

Although an adaptation from the nostalgic Skyline Silhouette, this GT-R connects with old timers and impresses the new Tomica collectors. This GT-R also has good old features such as opening doors and standard suspension with racing wheels.

Unlike the previous 2 releases, this design is very current without the futuristic touch and perhaps the most down to earth “race” car. The design itself is a strong testament of Tomica and Nissan past and present collaboration and definitely the next 50 years. Now is the best timing to complete your unique collaboration series before the 50th Anniversary is over.

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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