Tomica Swanky Audi R8, Gigantic Double Trailer And A Power Bank Bus!

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A very interesting assortment for this month Tomica Red Box release and a variety of scale including a long Tomica double trailer which I can’t pass it up. Soon I will miss these shiny “NEW! 2020” 50th Anniversary gold labels when Tomica jubilee ends in another 3 months without much physical events and celebrations.

No.82 Toyota Sora

Although small in scale, Tomica has a wide range of buses to cater to bus collectors and fans mainly buses from Japan. Just this March they have a Tomica 50th Anniversary X Hato Bus collaboration with a not-for-sale Hato Bus given away to domestic passengers.

The Toyota Sora Fuel Cell Bus is developed in 2018. Toyota aim to roll out 100 buses for service in Tokyo Metropolitan area ready for the 2020 Olympics during the pre-Covid19 days. The bus is fully electric using LED for the lightings and also equipped with a high-capacity external power output device as an emergency power source in the event of disaster.

The Tomica Sora bus comes in a scale of 1/137 to fit into the standard compact box. It looks futuristic and unconventional from the usual (box shape) buses. Casting is somewhat heavy with majority of the body mould in diecast. Details are decent for the mainline and the “FUEL CELL” “LED” label are printed on 4 sides. As usual no suspension for the buses with standard button wheels. I have not come across any of these buses myself which I heard a few already in service since 2018. Hope to sit onboard the Sora Bus in Tokyo after the pandemic is over.

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No.129 UBE Industries Double Trailer

I’m selective when come to “Long” Tomica as mainly due to the cumbersome “toothpaste” box and also the scale but the latest UBE double trailer somewhat caught my attention with a very interesting background.

UBE Industries originated from Yamaguchi Prefecture is a manufacturer of chemical products and construction materials. They boast one of the largest cement volumes in Japan. And the two-car double trailer with a load of 88 tons is an essential workhorse for delivery between the limestone mine and the factory. UBE also owns one of the longest private highway in Japan close to 32km for uninterrupted cement delivery.

The casting itself is heavy with majority of the components in diecast. This is a massive 18 wheelers trailer tucked in a compact box without scale. The casting comprises of a Isuzu Giga tractor head and 2 trailers. The Isuzu Giga is a bread and butter casting for Tomica which appears in numerous Red Box releases. Details are decent with the body in UBE corporate color with 6 standard button wheels without suspension. The 2 trailers are heavy with the body in diecast and plastic base with a total of 12 button wheels with basic “UBE” marking. When joined the trailer looks promising and sort of fun to roll with. I can imagine Tomytec attempt this UBE trailer in true 1/64 scale! That will be insane!

No.38 Audi R8 Coupe With First Color

The Audi R8 is no stranger to collectors with several predecessors already released since 2013. The latest Audi R8 in 1/62 scale does not have a distinctive difference to past releases as the actual R8 although comprehensive overhaul but not completely redesigned. The casting looks appealing and stylish in both Blue (Regular Color) and gunmetal (First Color). I’m more attracted to the First color in semi gloss finish as both casting has different finishes upon closer inspection with regular color in gloss.

No opening features for the pair of R8, they both come with plastic spoilers, some decent details including plastic insert rear lights and standard racing wheels with suspension crying for a wheel swap. I’m hoping and looking forward for the R8 to be released in the Tomica Premium series or even TLVN.

Find Tomica Audi R8 Coupe on eBay

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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  1. Fantastic photos, and no dust on the models! The UBE is on my wish list. Beautiful execution, but I have t admit – I’m almost more attracted to that box art. Thanks for the write up on these models.

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