Tomica futuristic Nissan Ariya with a mix of Daihatsu Taft including Nissan Containers

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No.64 Nissan Ariya With First Color

The Nissan Ariya is a Qashqai-sized electric SUV and also Nissan’s first purpose built EV SUV. It has an angular front end with futuristic super-slim headlights with sloping roofline that gives the Ariya a coupe-like silhouette. 

The Ariya also look a lot sportier than other SUVs because of its long roof spoiler and a low wide stance. It comes with Nissan’s new ProPilot 2.0 driving assist, infotainment tech and offers up to 300 miles of driving range per charge. And after years of offering the affordable electric Leaf hatchback, the Ariya represents Nissan boldest step towards an electric-car future. 

Many of Ariya styling can also be found on the latest Tomica Red Box offering. The latest 1/66 Ariya comes with regular color in copper which looks ultra premium and First color in silver. What really stand out for me is the unusual front “shield” which Nissan call it instead of grille. It’s wrap by a clear plastic insert which looks really unusual and polished for a Red Box casting. Although no opening features with only a standard factory suspension the EV is a revolutionary casting and also a near-future reality from Nissan.

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No.47 Daihatsu Taft

In contrast the crossover SUV-styled Daihatsu Taft is a far cry from the Ariya in terms of appearance. It first appeared in the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon and went on sale shortly after.  ‘Tough & Almighty Fun Tool’ is what Daihatsu call the world’s first light crossover. 

Will the latest Tomica 1/58 Taft appeal to most collectors like the Ariya? The answer is most probably not. Will it appeal to majority of father and son browsing in retail stores? The answer is still properly no. But this is where Tomica shines in my opinion. Unlike other makers who shy away understated castings and do countless variations of only one particular popular model, Tomica in fact covers a wide range of car make mostly JDM regardless if it’s a popular or understated model.

The Tomica Taft comes in a neutral body color and to my disappointment no opening features with only button wheelset and standard factory suspension. Yes the Taft maybe sitting at retail stores a bit longer but its definitely a light hearted casting that will brighten up any collectors given its cute and fun appearance.

No.144 Hino Profia Trailer / Nissan Container (Long Tomica)

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The Hino Profia is a regular appearance in the Tomica Redbox series. It appears in numerous castings such as the Tomica tanker, trailer as well as animal series including boxset. It is also ridiculously off-scale made just to fit into the box with oversized button wheels hence the absence of scale. Given its size, it comes without any interior and the whole Profia (Truck head) is in diecast.

Highlight is definitely on the 4 Nissan theme containers that come along with the truck. Each pair of containers come in a singular block form due to safety reason and they can be attached to the trailer like a “lego” piece. My only disappointment is the Nissan branding on the containers come in decal form instead of livery and the container looks basic without any details vastly different from my expectations.

Irregardless the Hino Profia trailer with Nissan containers is a nice addition to my loose Tomytec N Scale Nissan containers and also my Danboard mini figurines which feature in my YT video. Add the latest Tomica to your collection today!

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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  1. I like the second casting. Just because it is odd. I just wish any of these will be coming to walmart in there line they are bringing in. Tomica is a brand i do like because of all the odd castings they offer.

  2. When the Nissan Ariya concept was revealed, I thought it was a stunning design in its purity of form, devoid of much of the extraneous lines, shapes and details that clutter up many of today’s cars. It recalls the original Murano in its simple elegance. The only room for improvement for me in the styling department is the too-small wheels/tires in proportion to the rest of the vehicle. It appears Tomica has made this correction. However, it now looks jacked up like an off-roader. Still an interesting model from Tomica.

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