Tomica Compact Daihatsu Rocky And Mazda 3 Family Hatch

Find Tomica Daihatsu Rocky on eBay

A modest November Release for Tomica Red Box neither jaw dropping or going along with the flow on the latest current trend and yet well received among collectors.

No.36 Daihatsu Rocky with First Color

The latest Daihatsu SUV is a down to earth casting that somehow doesn’t have the “kawaii” factor when compared to the Suzuki Jimny. Classed as a small passenger vehicle the rocky is ideal for practical and leisure lifestyle welcome by many.

Although an understated casting the Rocky looks amazingly good and pleasant in my eyes in terms of proportion and presentation. At 1/66 scale the pair come with beautiful body color, high gloss finishes without opening component and default button wheels with standard factory suspension.

The plastic insert headlights is a bonus to further enhance the details with detailed grille and a sharp Daihatsu badge on the front. In terms of color, I will prefer the First Color in blue which is now only sold on Tomica Asia online stores in their respective markets not available in retail stores outside Japan.

No.46 Mazda 3

The latest Mazda 3 is clean cut and elegant without been over-designed. It is a very popular car since its debut in 2003 and the latest version has been redesigned from the ground up with attention on its feature.

This sleek approach also applies to the 1/66 scale Mazda 3. The paint job is outstanding with the body in metallic red “candy” finish and attention to small details without opening component. Because the Mazda 3 is proposed as a family hatch, it comes with all black button wheels with standard factory suspension.

Sure these castings are not our fancy GT-R or RWB and I applaud Tomica for venturing into these understated and many light hearted castings for the past 50 years which make your mini cars collection unique. Collecting Tomica is definitely a joy for years to come.

Find Tomica Mazda 3 on eBay

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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