Tomica Wraps Up 50th Anniversary With The Stylish Lexus RC F Performance Package And Toyota Crown

During the pre-covid days my expectations are high for 2020 Tomica 50th Anniversary in terms of exclusive merchandises and events . Sadly the timing for celebration is not quite right which has disrupted and taken away many releases last year including events cancellation plus my Japan trip!

Despite all the negative factors there are still a couple of impressive Red Box releases especially last month.

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No.26 Toyota Crown

The latest version of the Crown executive sedan updated with the latest technology and features is also the bread and butter sedan for Toyota and their partner Tomica. Throughout the years there are many Tomica variants and updates including exclusive and event models.

The latest 1/66 Toyota Crown looks elegant together with beautiful pearl white body paint in high gloss finish. There is no opening feature with only a standard suspension something I see on most Tomica castings these days perhaps to cut down the cost? In my opinion it can look better without the button wheels but instead with default racing wheels for a more elevated look and feel.

No.84 Lexus RC F Performance Package with First Color

The Lexus RC F is the perfect balance between high-end performance and luxury with body work styled to enhance performance for this track machine. It’s also an ideal casting to wrap up Tomica 50th Anniversary with style.

Although no opening features with only standard suspension, details are great with plastic headlights, detailed grille and a sharp Lexus badge for a more realistic finish. The overall presentation looks sleek just like the real deal with gorgeous curves and aerodynamic styling including plastic rear spoiler together with racing wheels.

Highlight is definitely on the body color and finishing. The regular version comes with pearl white body in high gloss which is a stark contrast with the gunmetal treatment on the hood and roof in semi gloss finish.

The limited First Color on the other hand is a stunner with light gun metal body color in matt finish as compared with gunmetal treatment likewise on the hood and roof in semi gloss finish to further refine the feel. It’s no doubt a stylish pair of 1/64 castings to add into your collection.

Find Tomica RC F Performance Package on eBay

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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  1. Guess I’ll have to wait for January to get my hypercar fix…this wasn’t a very good way to close 2020 in Tomica, which I guess is just fitting for that year. Still, it did result in the F8 Tributo, GR Yaris and the Suzuki Katana, so it’s not all bad.

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