Tomica All New Toyota GR Yaris With DHL Express

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Every Tomica feature is like a countdown. 2 more months before the end of Tomica 50th Anniversary that end without a bang except for a lone Tomica Expo held in Osaka last month with a handful of Event models in Hirakata Park.

No.50 Toyota GR Yaris with First Color

The New GR Yaris born from WRC is not designed to turn heads but rather to win trophies. Developed with the experts at Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team the GR Yaris is a pure performance car to win races and also fun to drive with a peace of mind.

At 1/61 the GR Yaris has no opening components with only a standard suspension and default racing wheels. For the first time outside Japan, starting with Singapore the First Color limited run in red that was supposed to be sold in retails stores are now instead sold through online malls by the distributor.

Maybe the marketing move is to deter scalpers who purchase these First Color in bulk without limit unlike Japan where you can only purchase up till a maximum of 3 pieces for First Color. This move has make the First Color GR Yaris increasingly difficult to acquire in addition with the recent increase in retail price for the Singapore market outside Japan.

In my opinion this move isn’t necessary. The GR Yaris like many other First Color will still be widely available in retail stores months after its release. Till date the good news for hunting First Color Tomica outside Japan especially in Singapore is you can still find a variety of First Color tucked neatly in the drawers months or even years after its release unlike Japan which there are NONE.

No.109 Isuzu Elf DHL truck

I’m happy and surprise at the same time that the DHL truck falls under the Red Box category. This casting can be a potential promotional campaign car or even available as an event exclusive. The Isuzu Elf is a “bread and butter” casting in the Tomica Red Box series with various themes and livery popular with collectors.

Whole casting is of course in DHL corporate color which seems accurate to me. The truck itself is no surprise to collectors with standard suspension that is not available for most trucks for example the Isuzu Giga and also opening rear.

I hope to see more DHL variants from Tomica in future such as the Toyota Hiace, Nissan e-NV2000 or even a theme boxset with planes!

Find Tomica DHL truck on eBay

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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  1. Other than the unfortunate decision to go with painted rear windows, the actual body-casting is quite neat. And for once, the recolour matters not to me at all — the white one is superior. Really, I’m just happy we’re seeing the Yaris on schedule at all.

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