Tomica Welcome 2021 with the Flashy Lamborghini Sián and Glico Pocky Hiace

Tomica kickstart 2021 with numerous releases together with their consistent Red Box series after a disruptive 2020. This month release is a great start with the state of the art Lamborghini Sián together with a light hearted Glico Wagon.

They are still in a celebration mood as the New for 2021 decal is identical to last year 50th Anniversary design with only the difference in year.

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No.89 Lamborghini Sián with First Color

The Lamborghini Sián which means a flash of lightning is the first electrified vehicle produced and also its most powerful road car ever. The Sián sports an arresting look with inspirations taken from Countach, Y-shaped headlights and distinctive hexagonal taillights.

Downforce is maximised by the model’s prominent side air intakes and large carbon-fibre front splitter. At a starting price of of 3.6 million all 63 Sián have already been accounted for….

The Tomica 1/66 Sián in regular color “Olive Green” body in matt finish looks appealing in terms of presentation. Highlight is definitely the Y-shaped headlights which looks clean, detailed and realistic.

In contrast the First color Sián comes with killer red body in high gloss finish. It gives a different air from the regular version although they shared the same specifications. The Sián has no opening feature with only a standard suspension with racing wheels however it looks sleek and very presentable with a “futuristic” touch especially in diecast photography.

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No.58 Glico Wagon (Japan Exclusive)

The Glico Wagon a.k.a Pocky Bus is one of the iconic symbol popular in Japan. It is based on the Toyota Hiace H200 and also a roving advertisement for their famous Pocky snack. The actual wagon is also on permanent display at the Glico Factory located in Kitamoto, Japan which is open to public for tour. Currently its close for obvious reason.

Similar to the Yamazaki Bread, Eneos, Sagawa Express along with others the Glico wagon is only available in domestic Japan perhaps due to the licence. In 1/64 the Glico Wagon is definitely a “kawaii” casting. I can relate this Wagon to my favourite Pocky snack till today with vibrant color and cheerful livery in reverse white.

Although the Hiace do not have any opening features with only standard suspension, highlight is definitely on the colorful floodlights, the Glico Man logo a tourist attraction in Dotonbori, Osaka and Pocky pack on the roof. The light hearted Glico Wagon brings a smile to my face and make Tomica collecting more enjoyable. It is best presented along with a Pocky snack which many collectors already post in various social media channel.

Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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