Lamley Daily: Tomica Honda N-One Snap-on

Model: Tomica Honda N-One

Release: Snap-on promo

Ebay link: Tomica Honda N-One Snap-on

Why it’s in the collection: Snap-on Hot Wheels models are a collectible niche in their own right, with the Skyline, predictably, attracting crazy money. Now would be an appropriate moment to show it, but I don’t have the model, unfortunately, nor is it one I’m going to pursue!

I’m more excited about a series of Tomica Snap-on promotional models, however. I’ve seen pictures of six models online: a Mitsubishi Fuso Canter truck (December 2012), a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (May 2015, 6,000 made), a Subaru BRZ and the Honda N-One kei car (both November 2016), plus two Choro-Qs – another Nismo GT3 and what looks like a very cool Snap-on toolbox. They all come in special Snap-on packaging. There may be more, I’m not an expert here – please comment below if you know more.

I found the Honda when I was in Japan last time and couldn’t pass it up. It’s awesome – I love the all-over tampos and chunky proportions. Even better, it’s based on a real car racing in the Honda N-One Owner’s Cup! That championship has lots of colourful decos and some cool racing. Check it out.

Will I be hunting for more Snap-on Tomicas next time I’m in Japan? Of course! In the meantime, there are a few on eBay, some more ambitiously priced than others – see the link below. Happy hunting!

(find Tomica Snap-on on eBay)

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