Tomica Mazda CX-5 River Patrol and a “Repeat” Honda Civic Type R

After a fantastic release last month to kickstart 2021. I’m surprised Tomica has a rather mundane release this month especially with the pair of familiar Civic Type R.

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No.52 Mazda CX-5 River Patrol Car

Not much has been heard about the River Patrol Unit in Japan. Through research it belongs to the River and National Highway checking the safety of river and also will be dispatched in the event of emergency or disaster.

First impression of the CX-5 it looks rather interesting and quirky. The color is vibrant and striking for awareness and the LED raised roof with siren really stands out. Raised siren is very typical for the Japanese police including search and rescue vehicles. Although it is not aesthetically pleasing, it serve it purposes imagine roving on the highway among numerous large vehicles. There is also a police LED raised roof version although I personally has never come across while in Japan.

The CX-5 has no functioning features with a sharp Mazda badge , “coarse” grille and painted lights. The siren is also the standard Redbox issue used primarily for majority of Tomica release. This 1/66 CX-5 comes with a standard button wheelset including suspension.

No.40 Honda Civic Type R With First Color

Back in 2018, the Honda Civic Type R (FK8) wow numerous collectors 2 years after the release of FK2. Given its popularity, the First Color Type R was almost instantly snapped up and Tomica continuously released many versions of the FK8 across all series.

Come 2021 the mildly updated Civic Type R returns. Just like the real deal, the styling are totally identical with only a trim added on the front and rear vents. As white is the iconic color for Type R, the 2021 regular color in off white looks almost like a twin with the 2018 version. On the other hand, the first color looks more striking with its exclusive Phoenix Yellow and gloss-black accents including a black hood scoop.

Although the 2021 has a new body mould for the added trim, everything else is the same such as the wheels, base and the interior. Overall the 2021 Civic Type R is a very expected casting and do Tomica really need to release another mildly updated Type R?

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Stay tuned for the next Tomica feature meanwhile you can find Hot Kustoms in IG or you can check out my unboxing video.

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