Lamley Daily: Tomica 50th Nissan GT-R

Model: Tomica Nissan GT-R (R35)

Release: Tomica 50th Anniversary Designed by Nissan

eBay link: Tomica 50th Nissan GT-R

Why I’m featuring it: The 50th Anniversary of Tomica passed with less fanfare than it might have, what with Covid’s killjoy presence throughout 2020. However, various models were issued to mark the occasion and they’ve been covered in detail by my fellow Lamley contributor and Tomica expert, Chen (Hot Kustoms). His YouTube channels and Lamley articles will scratch your Tomica itch!

I have quite a few Tomica models from the various anniversaries of its 1970 birth, dating back to the 30th Anniversary in 2000. The theme tends to repeat itself: release a bunch of classic castings like the 50th Anniversary Toyota 2000GT shown below in some kind of commemorative or throwback style, with a special box.

For the 50th, Tomica also asked three Japanese car manufacturers – Honda, Nissan and Toyota – to each create a deco for a special commemorative model. The Supra and Type-R look pretty good in the pictures, but the Nissan GT-R is the only one of the three that I have so far. The red/black throwback to the 1980s Skyline Super Silhouettes is a great look!

The packaging is nicely done, and I like the fact that the model is based on the GT-R casting that first appeared in 2016, rather than the latest Nismo 2020 machine (below, in black).

The older casting has a chunkier feel and opening doors. Here it gets tampos all over, too, resulting in a well detailed model.

The 50th anniversary GT-R also sits nicely with some Silhouettes in my collection. The models shown are a black-box Skyline from the early-80s regular range (representing the 1982 race car), the Tomica Limited model from 2004 (portraying the facelift raced from mid-’83) and a Tomica Dandy Skyline Silhouette Group C (also raced in 1983), in 1:43 scale.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at the GT-R. If you only choose to go after one 50th Anniversary model, I’d recommend this one. It’s a great piece!

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