Lamley Daily: Auto Rozza Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Model: Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2003

Release: Auto Rozza 1:64 (black)

eBay link: Auto Rozza Subaru Impreza

Why I’m featuring it: In my last Lamley Daily post, I looked at a model from a diecast brand about which I know very little. Here’s another.

We’ve owned a couple of real Imprezas so I have quite a few in model form as well, but Auto Rozza was new to me when I picked this up from my fellow Lamley writer, Guillaume (willdiecast).

From searching online, it looks as though Auto Rozza’s career in diecast was short and sweet. There are a few colours of this licensed, 1:64 ‘blobeye’ WRX STI casting, with or without the big wing, plus a couple of rally versions (must try to find those). Then there are 1:43 Nissans Teana and Skyline (sedan). That may be it, but if you know more about this company, please do let us know in the comments below!

And so to the model, which is a beauty. Heavy (it’s all-metal), intricate and well finished, it rolls nicely to boot. There’s even some interior detailing – just take a look at those seats.

The paint is a little thick and the grille doesn’t quite look right, but that’s about it for complaints. Is there a better second-gen Impreza in 1:64? This has to be right up there. Check out Bryan’s excellent article for more on small-scale Subies.

To finish, here’s the Auto Rozza with the ‘hawkeye’ Matchbox Impreza police car and two bugeyes: an old Tomica and the recent (and excellent) Hot Wheels version.

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  1. That’s a long way for this Subie! From China to Hong Kong to France to Canada for a well deserved retreat! Enjoy it.

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