Hot Wheels

Saturday Showcase: Collecting the Hot Wheels Behemoth Rigs

It isn’t something you think of too much when someone mentions Hot Wheels. The world of fast cars usually doesn’t have space for the big rigs, unless of course they are there to transport the fast cars around. But Hot Wheels has done some big rigs, and done them very well. Awhile ago I decided […]

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Kyosho, Lamley YouTube

Showcase: Kyosho 1/64 European Cars

Right below my video set up lies a drawer full of Kyosho models.  I haven’t featured them a lot lately, but it seemed like the right time to pull them out. Kyosho hasn’t been as prolific with their 1/64 lately, but it doesn’t mean there are plenty of models out there to pursue.  I have […]

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Hot Wheels, Kyosho, Lamley YouTube, Matchbox, Tomica Limited Vintage

Saturday Showcase: The Alfa Romeo Junior/GTA Coupes in 1/64, plus the strange history of the Matchbox Giulia Sprint GTA

Going Alfa Romeo today.  The 105/115 Series Coupes are as pretty as any car ever, and there are some fantastic replicas in 1/64.  So for today’s Saturday Showcase, I am looking at mine, from Hot Wheels to Kyosho to Tomica Limited Vintage to Matchbox. And speaking of Matchbox, the Giulia Sprint has a crazy, and […]

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