Showcase: Kyosho 1/64 European Cars

Right below my video set up lies a drawer full of Kyosho models.  I haven’t featured them a lot lately, but it seemed like the right time to pull them out.

Kyosho hasn’t been as prolific with their 1/64 lately, but it doesn’t mean there are plenty of models out there to pursue.  I have gotten a lot from Japan Booster, as well as a by way of a good old-fashioned eBay search.

But I have a decent collection.  Not a ton of models, but a nice variety.  Kyosho has done a small number of American cars, but mostly JDM and European cars.  So I am doing two features, one for each group.  Let’s go Euro first.

3 Replies to “Showcase: Kyosho 1/64 European Cars”

  1. These are great. While watching this video, I searched ebay for some of the models. The Ferrari “kits” are pretty affordable compared to the others.

  2. I have been collecting Kyosho 1/64 since the beginning… they were like Christmas too me everytime when new sets came out. They even got me interested in classic cars now and have been to many car museum to look at the real thing. Sometimes I prefer them than real cars… However, they have stopped making them. I feel we all should start writing them and patition them.


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