Lamley Saturday Showcase: Hot Wheels Vintage Racing

I’ve got 15, and I surely want the other 15.

Led by the BRE 510, Vintage Racing is finally getting its due.  And while some love to complain of JDM being overhyped, I think it is cool to see folks realizing how cool these vintage American Trans Am racers are after ogling over the 510.  It took the 510 to get us here, but we are here.  Vintage Racing is hot.

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  1. Yep, one of the best. I can’t believe how high the prices on that Yunick Chevelle have gotten! I’ve long said it’s one of the best HW releases EVER but I thought I was alone until I randomly looked it up the other day.

  2. I’m grateful to have gotten most of these that I wanted when they were new. I’m only missing the 510 and a few of the stock cars, but I’ve got all the road racers.

  3. They were a really limited release in the DC area. I looked for them (admittedly for mostly wheel donors for the new wheels in the line) at the time but TrU was the only place they were ever seen in my neck of the woods. And that was sparingly at best! I liked some of them and especially the BRE at the time because it was a new casting but never saw them in order to buy.

    I think the peg warmer of all of them was the Mach 5 and I Ieft it repeatedly because I am not a fan of 70s Mustangs and the wheels were boring. It is funny how things come and go with popularity.

    Isn’t the only reason the BRE 510 commands such a high value now is because it is the first release of that casting?

    1. First release, with poor distribution and it’s a BRE Datsun. BRE seems to have it’s own fanboys, beyond just the usual Datsun fanboys, Trans-Am fanboys and JDM fanboys.

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