Lamley Saturday Showcase: Matchbox BMW Dealer 8-Car Set (& other Brilliant Bimmers)

Going back to the Matchbox Golden Age for today’s Saturday Showcase:


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  1. I figured since this was the latest post and though its not related to the internet distributor controversy.. I’ll start here anyhow, but happened to look on Mattel’s Facebook page earlier and someone posted their displeasure about the situation.

    I copied and pasted the post below so you can read it. After scanning, I wonder if it’ll do any good to complain to such an enormously huge company like Mattel? Even though I have to agree with the individual.. I doubt Mattel will change anything in the future about the way they handle a situation like that (as far as halting the sale of certain items like cases of Japan Historics 2 line to the public):

    “Mattel.. why do you use forceful tactics to force internet distributors NOT TO sell boxes of Hot Wheels vehicles to it’s customers? I wanted to order a case of Car Culture Japan Historics 2 diecast cars, but you disallowed the companies from selling to its customers. Bad business Mattel! It’s all about the monopoly and trying to satisfy squeaky wheels like Target & Walmart. Why do you tramp around doing this sort of thing now and if the items will be in high demand & low supply… can’t the big box stores stock more so everyone has a shot at a purchase? Big box stores order ridiculous amounts of lines like Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Trek diecasts which consume stupid space, but NOT ENOUGH of the premium lines THAT SELL, such as Japan Historics! Not happy Mattel! I’ve got a suggestion.. put an end to workers over at the plants in Malaysia who STEAL premium diecast cars (Super Treasure Hunts) & sell them for premium dollars on Ebay? They are ruining the hobby & making Mattel look like fools! Good day!”

    I guess word is getting around about the situation. I have yet to find JH2 in my area ere in MD, so i’m still hoping to get
    a couple before the snakes do. It seems we get these sorts of lines a little late compared to other areas. Crossing my fingers!

    1. I have been away for about a week and am just catching on to all this. Sounds pretty ridiculous. To me it doesn’t make sense to prioritize big companies that don’t even stock the items in demand. Me too…everywhere I go, it is empty Car Culture pegs and 10+ Star Wars and GOTG pegs, always full. Imagine what Mattel could be selling if people actually found what they wanted. I’m willing to be most of us are successful less than 1 out of 5 times. Think of all the collectors that leave empty handed…that could have bought something and didn’t.

  2. What a great showcase! Would Matchbox ever bring those gems back in the line? I don’t think there would ever be an issue of these not selling well.

    Not related to this post, but worth mentioning I guess. It’s been about 2 months since I saw any new Matchbox in my locality – a long dry spell. The last batch I saw was the one with Pink Escalade/ Motor Home / Datsun truck. Walmarts, Targets, Dollar Trees, Toys r us – all are either out of Matchbox except left with a few “cloggers” – those off-road Matchbox originals.

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