Lamley Saturday Showcase: Matchbox ’75 Chevy Stepside & other Squarebody Chevys.

Considering both Matchbox and Hot Wheels have Chevy Truck sets coming out to celebrate their 100-Year Anniversary, I thought I would showcase one of my favorites, the Matchbox 75 Chevy Stepside.  Quite a few so far, with two more coming.  And diverse to be sure.


2 Replies to “Lamley Saturday Showcase: Matchbox ’75 Chevy Stepside & other Squarebody Chevys.”

  1. Just got the brown/beige one last night. They had the Elcamino from the set too. That was all. BUT, my question is this: on the base it says 1:62, which I always thought was the scale, but this is SMALLER than the recent Autoworld cars I got for Christmas. The truck should be longer than a Chevelle, shouldn’t it? I’m confused by this. Also, why could they NOT put the chrome base on it? That would have been so much better.

    1. Since 1/62 is slightly larger than 1/64, seems it should be way longer than a 1/64 Chevelle and about the same length as Auto World’s ’76 Cadillac. As such, it would be disproportionately wider than the Caddy. Perplexed about the lack of a chrome base, though.

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