Saturday Showcase: Hot Wheels ’76 Greenwood Corvette

Yeah, it is Sunday.  You’ll have to forgive me as a long jaunt to Southern Arizona took up the day.

Still, this casting is an all-time fave.  Consider this Step One in my push to get this model into Car Culture for 2019.


3 Replies to “Saturday Showcase: Hot Wheels ’76 Greenwood Corvette”

  1. A definite must-have in any Hot Wheels collection is the Greenwood Corvette—Jun Imai’s fave HW Corvette. Good thing I have several.

  2. The 76 is the best. All I have is hte 2016 #68 in red – close enough to a real paint that it did make me wonder if it was a real paint from the day. There was a Spirit of Riverside #75 from 1975 as well. Monogram made these into 1/32 slot cars and they were bad fast. Buddy & I used to have some killer races. Greenwood could have his own Racing Historics set. That would be awesome. Then throw in all the other trans am vettes – a LOT of racers.

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